Let’s Get The Dealers Off The Street


Cannabis Is Not A Controlled Drug


The present policy abandons control to organised crime and street dealers.

If cannabis were properly controlled, it would be taken out of the hands of criminals.

Growing, importing, distributing and retailing would become legitimate businesses, subject to proper control and regulation.


What Proper Control Would Mean


  1. Regulated sales: licensed retailers, labeling of THC/CBD ratio, other ingredients, weight
  2. Quality control: elimination of pesticide and fertiliser residues, bulking agents, impurities
  3. Regulated commercial production, reasonable limits on domestic cultivation
  4. Protecting the vulnerable: age limit, ID check, harm reduction information



A Safer Britain

  • Less crime of all types
  • Police can focus on violent and harmful crime
  • Lower alcohol consumption
  • Fewer road accidents and injuries/fatalities
  • Fewer children using cannabis
  • Quality controlled cannabis with no harmful adulterants
  • Fewer fires from hidden cannabis farms


A Healthier Britain


  • Lower alcohol consumption
  • Less use of dangerous/harmful drugs
  • Medicinal use: Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, dementia, diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, Parkinson’s, stroke therapy.
  • Preventative therapy against auto immune and neurodegenerative diseases
  • More funding for healthcare

THE 1971 MISUSE OF DRUGS ACT HAS FAILED US TODAY. Different times brings different dangers… “Bereaved mother and member of the Anyone’s Child campaign, Anne-Marie Cockburn spoke at an event at the UK Parliament about the loss of her daughter to an accidental ecstasy overdose, and why she now wants to legalise and regulate drugs.”


What we should do now


How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

CLEAR’s detailed proposals for cannabis regulation so as to minimise all health and social harms of cannabis, protect the vulnerable and allow access to medicinal cannabis

Download Here (PDF)


Taxing The UK Cannabis Market

CLEAR’s policies are based on independent, expert research carried out by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit in 2011.

Download Here (PDF)

Template letter for writing to your MP about street dealers

NB MP’s will normally only respond to letters from people in their own constituency, so it is important to include your home address

For more information about writing to your MP, CLICK HERE


[Your Address]

[Your daytime telephone number]

[Today’s date]


Dear [Full name of MP]

I am writing to you about the illegal trade in cannabis.

You will be aware that, despite all the effort the government has put into enforcing prohibition over the past 40 or so years and recent claims of a reduction in use not withstanding, cannabis remains a very popular substance, used by millions of British people.

The massive market is serviced by an army of “underground” dealers. This massive industry is totally uncontrolled and unregulated. To be blunt, we have no idea who sells cannabis, what strength or potency the product they sell has, nor what contamination may be added to the product and, of course, here are no measures to to protect vulnerable people such as age limits for sales. Indeed, cannabis cannot be claimed to be a “controlled drug” in any plain english use of the word “controlled”.

If there is any truth in the claims of harm from high potency cannabis or use by children, this is clearly a very unsatisfactory situation that has gone on for far too long.

Therefore, will you support demands for a review of the drug laws as they apply to cannabis. with a view to ending prohibition and properly controlling and regulating the commercial trade?


[Your name]



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