05 Oct Liberal Democrats Give The Green Light To Medicinal Cannabis

Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker MP

Dr Julian Huppert MP

Dr Julian Huppert MP

In an extraordinary day for the medicinal cannabis campaign, the Liberal Democrat conference has signalled wholehearted support for a compassionate and evidence-based policy on cannabis as medicine.

Norman Baker, the Home Office minister, revealed that the Conservatives have blocked publication of two reports on drugs policy that recommend reform.

He then went on went on to say:

“Medicinal cannabis is a very sensible objective to take forward. Why should people who are ill not have access to medicine which helps them, when other medicine doesn’t? And, more to the point, they’re made criminals when they access the cannabis themselves. I support any effort to make this law more logical and more compassionate and so, I might say, does Norman Lamb at the Department of Health on our behalf as well. So let’s get some facts-based, rational evidence into drugs policy rather than the prejudice of yesterday which doesn’t work.”

A few moments later, Dr Julian Huppert, a leading member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, joined in:

“I was delighted to hear Norman speak out about medicinal cannabis. Why, conference, would we want to harm ill people? Why would we want to stop them getting better? Why would we want to punish them? We can and should change that.”<

So this is vindication and proof of the value of the brave work done by the CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Both Norman Baker and Julian Huppert have met with CLEAR and encouraged our efforts. Their words to their party conference today shows how far we have come. Two government ministers are now actively on our side . This is great progress indeed!

Norman Baker video

Julian Huppert video

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel meets Norman Baker

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel meets Home Affairs Select Committee