03 Mar Life Fellowship Awards

Three awards of Life Fellowship were made at the CLEAR executive committee meeting held on 16th/17th February 2013.

Fellowship of the party is the highest honour. It is awarded to those who are true heroes in the cause, who have gone way above and beyond the call of duty and have made a real difference. It confers all the benefits of full membership for life without any subscription fees.

Jack & Tina Girling

Jack and Tina Girling

This tale of two unassuming pensioners, living in a quiet corner of Norwich, needs to be told.

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Jack and Tina Girling have been campaigning loudly and proudly for more years than most cannabis users have been alive. Always at the forefront of the cause, they began way back in 1978 with the original Legalise Cannabis Campaign. They built support in their local area and founded the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis. They began by writing to the Queen, all politicians, archbishops, lawyers, judges, and doctors, right across the country. In 1991 they changed the name to the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA).

They organized the first cannabis marches and festivals in London along with the Exodus Collective (creators of the famous cheese strain).

They appeared on several TV and radio shows, ran stalls at Glastonbury, pouring thousands of pounds of their own money in to the campaign. Eventually, believing standing in elections offered a way forward, they changed the name to the Legalise Cannabis Party and Howard Marks stood in the first election in 1997, using Jack and Tina’s home as the campaign centre.

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Two years later, in 1999, the name was changed to the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) which fielded local and parliamentary election candidates across the country. After a turbulent period with cannabis being downgraded to class C and then back up to B, eventually, in 2011, the party re-launched as Cannabis Law Reform – CLEAR.

Jack and Tina have been the inspiration for all the cannabis groups that now exist in Britain. No one deserves this honour more than them and all of us – CLEAR, NORML UK, the cannabis social clubs, all British cannabis campaigners – owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Janice Wells

Janice Wells took her first steps in the cause in 1978 when she joined the Legalise Cannabis Campaign and took part in a march and a picnic. Later she joined the LCA and still remembers volunteering to work as she couldn’t afford the membership fee.

She started to help with membership admin and eventually became secretary. Jan was instrumental in the process that led to the re-launch as CLEAR and what has been the rebirth of the whole campaign in Britain. She stood firm through difficult times as we re-registered as a party and dealt with the difficult changes necessary to become an effective and up to date campaign. Jan has been the backbone of CLEAR’s administration. She will be sorely missed from the team but becomes an honoured life fellow of the party.

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