25 Feb Local Branches – What Your Branch Can Do!

You may decide to get your local branch involved in some of the activities below or decide to come up with some new ones, we will list successful original campaigns here.

What you can do.

Giving out Leaflets: Meet up with others from your local branch and decide on a place to stand and for how long. Then go visit this location (make sure you’re not breaking any laws, you will need permission if it is private property). Then give out leaflets and be prepared to chat to people about the topic. Avoid confrontations, chat to those interested, and remember, truth is on your side.

Arrange Talks: You might know your local area well enough that you could arrange a talk at a local venue, or if you manage to get the funds, to hire out a small venue for a set date and promote a talk on the subject (more guidance can be given if this is a route your branch is seriously intending to follow).What you can do1Counter Local Media: Often your local media will take letters from the public. If your branch is inclined, you might want to organise a regular communication with your local newspaper, email them often, build up a rapport, correcting them when possible and trying to educate your local area.Create Your Own Ideas: Your Local Branch is yours, you know your area best and you can plan and design events specific for your branch members and for your locality. Help to inspire your branch leader into new and creative ideas, and remember, we’ll be keeping a list of each branch’s events, so don’t be shy to ask each other and learn from each other.