18 May Lord Monson and CLEAR to Campaign for a Regulated Cannabis Market.

Lord Nicholas Monson, Peter Reynolds

Lord Nicholas Monson, whose son Rupert committed suicide after he had become psychotic from ‘skunk’, has teamed up with CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform to campaign for a safer, regulated cannabis market.

‘Skunk’ is a form of cannabis with zero or very little CBD that can be harmful to young people and the vulnerable. The criminal market has driven the production of ‘skunk’ with high levels of THC, the psychoactive compound and low levels of CBD, the protective, anti-psychotic compound. The absence of regulation and control has also led to sales of highly dangerous products such as ‘Spice’ which contain an extremely potent, synthetic form of THC without any balancing CBD.

Lord Monson says:

“It is urgent that the government takes the historic step of legalising and regulating more traditional forms of cannabis and puts severe penalties in place for those dealing in skunk.”  

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform is the UK’s largest and longest established drugs policy reform group.  It campaigns for medicinal cannabis on prescription by doctors and a regulated market for adults.

Peter Reynolds, president of CLEAR, says:

“We are honoured to work alongside Lord Monson towards a safer cannabis market that will reduce harm instead of the present policy that maximises all harms.  Just like the policy that President Trudeau is introducing in Canada and already exists across much of the USA, we must rigorously restrict access by children and those with developing brains and ensure that safe, properly regulated cannabis with a good proportion of CBD is available for adults.”

  • Tom Gray

    Just remove good smokeable cannabis off the schedule 1 status AND THEN YOU CAN GO AFTER SKUNK AND OTHER JUNK!!!

  • Tom Gray


  • discerner

    Perhaps May will be told actual facts and evidence about all the various benefits of cannabis now Lord Monson is on board, as he appears to know her; as opposed to her blinkered and prejudiced views which could lead to a reclassification to class A. However she seems to have ignored evidence presented to her previously – so we live in hope. In the main it’s a good move to have him involved – but how will the Mail react?

    • Andrea Clarke

      Fingers crossed!

    • AstroSmurf

      Not likely!! She made a statement this week saying that Cannabis causes mental health problems and leads you to take Heroin…

      • discerner

        Surely May, a strong and stable leader according to her, will not let a skewed and prejudiced judgement based on minority issues with cannabis impair Tory drugs strategy in the 21st century – yes she probably will.

  • davidraynes

    Point of accuracy Peter

    Low CBD cannabis was in fact driven by consumer demand and consumer choice , (not the fact of illegality) in the US initially. Yes it eventually prospered in the UK because of the poor quality of much Moroccan “Soap Bar”.

    A “Regulated Market” for a balanced retail product of roughly equal THC/CBD would leave the low CBD product in the criminal market, use would increase and use of “something stronger” would prosper.

    Result-more TOTAL harm and more dependency

    And Lord Monson is seriously misled if he believes that a more balanced product cannot and did not, in the 60s and 70s cause mental problems. Young, particularly male suicide has long been associated with drugs and cannabis use. Some people are just more vulnerable, probably because of genetic make up.

    • David, you are so far distant from anything to do with accuracy about cannabis that you are now entirely discredited. Your continued dissemination of misinformation doesn’t escape my notice and you bring shame upon yourself.

      You’re a stupid, misguided old man. Sorry to be brutal but you are a danger to society and it is time you were shut up. i would certainly refuse to participate with you on any future media appearances. To do so would endow you with a credibility which you do not deserve. Get off the stage. You cause far more harm than good as you have throughout your sorry, sordid, career. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a dangerous fool.

      • davidraynes

        That is a nice attack on the messenger, not on the factual accuracy of the message.

        I can see why the true history might be inconvenient to the line you want to take with Lord Monson and with the public and with politicians.

        Now you can make all sorts of personal attacks on me, it does you no credit.

        What you cannot gainsay is that I have been studying the UK wholesale cannabis market longer than anyone else in the UK and have had access to the most confidential intelligence about it, both domestically and internationally.

        That knowledge base does not mean I am right, it does mean I am more likely to be more right than any number of individual recreational users.

        • No David, you are woefully and repeatedly wrong and when it has happened as many times as it has with you, there is no other way but to call you out for your dishonesty and deception. You’re just a retired customs officer with a record of corruption and incompetence. Your whole life has been dedicated to a policy that is based on lies. Please just leave the stage and enjoy the rest of your retirement gracefully. It’s not your fault that you were misled from the beginning but don’t make it worse by perpetuating the lies.

          • davidraynes

            Yet again, another personal attack.

            No attempt at rebutting, by logical argument, what I say about where low CBD cannabis originated and how it came to be in the UK and dominate the market.

            I appreciate you do not delete my posts, that is honourable of you BUT, I am not wrong on this. My experience of the wholesale market is second to none. I do appreciate why you find that difficult, frustrating even.

            I shall say no more.

    • smoke a J

      Sorry for this you mentioned soap bar. I am Welsh, goldie lookin chain song “soap bar.”

  • AstroSmurf

    ‘Skunk’ is a form of cannabis with zero or very little CBD that can be harmful to young people and the vulnerable.????? That’s not right.!!! Skunk is smelly but not all that strong.. Media using the word skunk to demonize but i thought you knew this. I apologize if i’m wrong..But it is just general Cannabis which is being grown like this. It could be Cheese, lemon haze,sour diesel or any type of Cannabis plant grown like this but it would still be Cheese or Lemon Haze etc….I haven’t seen Skunk on the streets for many years!!!

    • smoke a J

      The term Skunk I believe they use because of the old land race strain back in the day and for demonising it. You are correct. It’s like them saying Cannabis is illegal. Lie. Industrial hemp is Cannabis.L. Sativa. Demonised for almost a century and used for 1000,s of years yet Theresa May hasn’t got the intelligence. Once again.

    • We have to come to terms with the fact that the meaning of the word has changed. The best thing we can do now is ensure that it is properly understood and that it is the absence of CBD that matters, not the level of THC.

      • AstroSmurf

        I completely understand how we have arrived at this point in UK due to the media and government agenda. But what does this mean for Skunk #1 strain and do they have the same issue in the USA with the media calling “dealer weed”or “high THC Cannabis” Skunk? I’m certainly not rebutting your comments i was just curious of the outcome.. Thx

  • smoke a J

    Doctors are unintentionally causing harm by fuelling opiates (at this point I will point the blame squarely on Theresa May). Because of Theresa May. Simple. Also a fact is Cannabis can also help neuropathic pain. Yet we are given opiates (Fentanyl can’t help me) cannabis can. That’s only fueling a drug problem. The mental health problems associated with Cannabis mainly come from the lack of Cannabis as a treatment. It’s a help with depression too 🙂 let’s not forget “schizophrenia” scaremongering with. Yes there is a little evidence to back that up but massively overwhelming proof that Cannabis can sort this lack of NHS care and funding. Also help the police by reducing Cannabis to the correct schedule at least.
    She is causing more devastation to the country through ignorance. To vote her out some people actually need to consume to get to the polling station. If I vote it will be for the NHS by means of voting against Theresa. Also Cannabis helps with combating opiate addiction.

  • Until you move away from the misleading trope ‘skunk’ which is wildly inaccurate and misapplied by a sensationalist media, self-serving researchers and prohibitionist politicians you will never get any clarity.

    It’s all just cannabis and there are differnt varieties of the plant, just as there are different varieties of tomato but they are all still tomatoes.

    Cannabis of any variety is safe and benign for 99% of people. Clearly children should not be using any psychoactive substance except where it is for medicinal purposes. The are far fewer people vulnerable to negative effects from cannabis than from peanuts.

    While cannabis remains banned it is not possible to know exactly what is being consumed. Under legal regulation there will be proper analysis, quality control and labelling. That is the solution to all of these issues.