19 Jul Medicinal Cannabis – The Issue The HASC Drugs Inquiry Must Address

What is the point of drugs policy?

I think everyone would agree that it must be about protecting people – so at its root must be compassion for human life.

In that case it would be a grave error, in fact it would be gross negligence, if the drugs inquiry was not to look at the medicinal use of cannabis.

So far, it is a glaring omission and it must be put right. It cannot be ignored. The inquiry has already received a huge number of written submissions on the subject, exceeding any other single issue in all the evidence. The Sentencing Council and very recently, the Court of Appeal, have recognised, in law, that cannabis has medicinal value. It is only the inane, absurd, ridiculous to the point of a sick joke, Home Office that tries to pretend “there is no medicinal value in cannabis”.

If Theresa May, James Brokenshire or any Home Office minister had any self respect or, any responsibility or any compassion for those they are supposed to serve, then they would revise their policy forthwith.

Keith Vaz and his colleagues must address this issue with the attention and significance that it deserves.

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To that end CLEAR is sending each member of the Home Affairs select committee a copy of “Marijuana, Gateway To Health” by Clint Werner. This is a magnificent summary of scientific research and evidence. The pejorative, racist term “marijuana” is unfortunate but is a fact of American culture. The subheading “How cannabis protects us from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease” is as powerful a message as can be.

Cannabis as medicine offers great hope to mankind. No reasonable person can doubt that. If you need more proof, just look at GW Pharmaceutical’s research pipeline. We can no longer allow largely disproven concerns over recreational use to stand in the way. It would be irresponsible madness for the inquiry to overlook this issue.

Dear Committee Member,

A crucial issue seems to have been overlooked in the drugs inquiry. The written evidence contains a great deal of information about the medicinal use of cannabis, probably more than about any other single issue but not a word of evidence has been heard in the oral sessions. No experts have been called. No questions have been asked.

Please find enclosed a copy of a remarkable book by Clint Werner: “Marijuana, Gateway To Health. How Cannabis Protects Us From Cancer And Alzheimer’s Disease”.

This is not a snake oil salesman’s manual, nor a “crazy stoner” manifesto. It is a summary of the scientific evidence that now proves the extraordinary reality about the health benefits of cannabis.

Please take the time to read it. Hundreds of thousands of British people already use cannabis for medicinal purposes. It is unjust, absurd and simply cruel that we continue to criminalise them for seeking to ease their pain or relieve their disability. Britain stands increasingly isolated in the world with its head in the sand attitude to medicinal cannabis.

Please use your influence to ensure that the drugs inquiry gives this issue the attention it deserves.

Kind regards,

Peter Reynolds

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