Coming Out Of The Cannabis Closet

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Josh recently spoke with CLEAR to share his experience and relationship with cannabis.

“My name is Josh Bowles, I’m 26 and I’ve been toking every day for the past ten years. I did well in school, got a degree and now I work in the music industry for one of the major labels. I have quite an extensive knowledge on cannabis, and I have been singing its praises for as long as I can remember.”  

Josh is one of three million estimated cannabis users in the UK. Approximately one million of these would claim to be medical users.

Most people discreetly enjoy the effects of cannabis in their own home and often keep it a secret from friends and family, simply because of the stigma and the reputation the media has presented to the public and of course the fact that it is illegal in the UK.

However, Josh believes that people should be open and honest about the benefits that users receive from the herb, people should know that cannabis is used sensibly by many and people should hear more about the good effects from every day users.

Josh uses cannabis every day, typically using a bong and often smoking joints, like many users he knows the harms of tobacco and at some point, he aims to quit.

As more and more people come out of the closet we learn that most cannabis users are not your stereotypical jobless ‘stoners’, but in fact they are, like Josh well-educated, career focused and part of a hardworking society.

Whilst managing a well respectable career, Josh has days that carry a high level of stress so whilst his cannabis use has been for recreational purposes he has also used it to combat stress and depression symptoms.

“I have also used the herb to help with my depression, which I cannot recommend enough. I refused anti-depressants, and it was the best thing I could’ve done. I have seen the good and bad effects caused by antidepressants for close family members and so I have opted to use weed as my medication.”

Using cannabis relieves stress for Josh, helping him to think more clearly and departmentalise the pressures of work more effectively in his mind. Cannabis has long been regarded as an effective stress reliever. In fact, “one of the most common claims about cannabis is that it relieves stress and helps one to relax”. See more information for cannabis and stress here:


Sadly, when Josh discussed his preferred medication method with his doctor, the advice that was given to him was to ‘try to cut down his use of cannabis’. This was the only advice the doctor could offer.

Josh has experimented and is confident with his self-medicating knowledge, knowing exactly how much to take, when and how often. He will continue to enjoy the plant and reap the benefits from it, as he looks forward to the day that cannabis is legalised in the UK.

Do you have a similar or different relationship with cannabis? Would you share your story with us? email [email protected]