One Kidney

Having gone through cancer and having my left kidney removed. The back pain covered up my four collapsed thorasic vertebrae, which in turn covered up my three herniated disks. My injuries were due to a fall from a tree. At the time I shrugged it off, but as my muscle mass reduced my ailments came to the fore. I had a bout of Sepsis that had me in ICU for two weeks, and in hospital 8 weeks, and then home care as I developed neuropathy which causes awful cramps. Cannabis really helps, and does not immobilise me the way my medication used too.


Quality of life before using cannabis as medicine, out of 10 (10 being the best) – 2/10


Illnesses – Neuropathy, several broken vertebrae and a herniated disc, asthma, previous kidney problems that led to sepsis, which is what forced me off the painkillers. The remaining kidney could no longer process the pills anymore.


Symptoms – neurological pain in both arms, cramps in arms, legs & hands, loss of muscle mass, had to give up gardening and other pursuits as a result.


Conventional medications used until 2 years ago – Gabapentin, Amitriptiline, Dihydrocodiene, CoCodamol

When did you first try cannabis?

I tried it when I was younger but have been using it medicinally for the last 2 years. I started with coconut butter and oil. I am now using CBD as well to help soften the strong types of herbal cannabis that are available on the black market.

In what way does cannabis help you?

Pain, helps to give me an appetite so I eat properly, I am now able to drive because I am not on strong medications anymore.

How did you perfect your cannabis treatment?

I started with hash, and that didn’t help much at all. I tried eating it, but found that I would often take too much. In the end I worked way up to full spectrum herbal cannabis. I have found that strains such as OG Kush and Amnesia work best for me. I also now use CBD if I get a bit “too high” as all the black market stuff is very strong, sometimes too strong, and I find that CBD helps to counter any side effects.


Quality of life now I am medicating with cannabis, out of 10 (10 being the best) – 8 or 9!

What would you like to say to other people who are suffering due to the cannabis laws in the UK?

Pills are not the answer; if you change to cannabis you will see such a difference. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It can make a huge difference to your quality of life. I have personally tried using in many ways, but in the end I found that the bong was the best for me. My advice to others is to try small doses at first if you are and go from there, everyone has their own “best way”. Go slowly.

What would you like to say to MPs & Government?

I would like to remind them that I am an adult that is in pain, with a bad quality of life because of the pills. I have changed my medication to suit me and give me a better quality of life, please do not stop me from having that quality of life.

– Anon

DISCLAIMER – CLEAR does not condone or encourage the use of any illegal substance. The views here are not the views of CLEAR, nor are they intended as medical or expert advice; this is simply a report about an anonymous person who uses cannabis as medicine instead of pills.