29 Nov Minutes Of CLEAR Executive Committee Meeting Held 11th September 2011

Cannabis Law Reform

Approved minutes of Executive Committee meeting 11-09-11

Peter Reynolds 27-11-11


Committee members

DH Des Humphrey

MP Mark Palmer

PR Peter Reynolds

DW Derek Williams

JW Janice WellsGuests

CF Clark French

SC Sanjay Chowdhary

TH Tom Hairettin

TR Torin Radford1. PR took the chair.

2. Apologies were received from Chris Bovey, Jason Reed and Tom Raikes.

3. Chris Bovey and Derek Williams were appointed to the committee by unanimous vote. It was agreed that Stuart Warwick was no longer a member of the committee.

4. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 18th May were approved. Matters arising were carried forward

5. PR to investigate formation of Cannabis Truth as a registered charity to assist in fundraising

6. DW reported on development of the website in his new role as editor.

7. Plans for the Westminster press conference were discussed.

8. Detailed discussion took place on the CLEAR Plan for Regulation of Cannabis In Britain. After some amendments were agreed, the plan was formally adopted as party policy.

9. Plans for the Cannabis Truth roadshow were discussed.

10. The 2012 conference was discussed. It was agreed that this should take place during the Easter break – late March/early April. All members of the committee agreed to investigate possible conference venues and return with proposals and information at the next meeting when plans would be finalised.

11. The 2012 Million Marijuana march was discussed. DH is in charge of the event which takes place in Cardiff on 5th May 2012.

12. DH, MP and SC agreed to collate a list of 2012 festivals for discussion at the next meeting.

13. DW and SC agreed to work together to establish regional groups based around MP constituencies.

14. PR agreed to prepare a section on the website looking at what individuals can do to help with the campaign

15. PR agreed to investigate marketing of CLEAR short breaks to Amsterdam

16. It was agreed the next meeting would take place on Sunday 13th November 2011

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