28 Feb Minutes Of CLEAR Executive Committee Meeting Held 16th/17th February 2013

Cannabis Law Reform
Approved minutes of Executive Committee meeting 16/17-02-13
Peter Reynolds 28-02-13


Committee members

JD Joel Dalais
MP Mark Palmer
PR Peter Reynolds
DW Derek Williams


DF Doug Fraser

1. PR took the chair.

2. Apologies were received from Janice Wells and Graham Smith.

3. Janice Wells’ resignation was accepted. The committee passed a unanimous vote of thanks for her work and contribution to the party. She has undertaken to complete the accounts and Electoral Commission returns for the last year.

4. MP was appointed treasurer.

5. The committee unanimously agreed to award Life Fellowships to Jack Girling, Tina Girling and Janice Wells.

6. It was agreed that Roland Gyallay-Pap should be appointed Director of the CLEAR Media Team and invited to join the executive committee.

7. It was agreed that the following job titles should be adopted with immediate effect:
JD – Director of Membership
MP – Deputy leader and Treasurer
PR – Leader and Nominating Officer
DW – Webmaster

8. JD to take on role of members’ newsletter editor

9. PR to create new Facebook pages for EX-SCRA, TOKEpure, Comment Warriors. JD to appoint lead admins for each page.

10. PR to prepare website article on Facebook pages.

11. DW to audit website design and content and revise/update accordingly.

12. JD to recruit merchandise manager and fundraising manager.

13. JD to recruit local branch managers.

14. DW to prepare website article on guidance for local elections.

15. It was agreed that a conference would be held over the weekend of 14th/15th September 2013. PR to prepare outline plan.

16. JD to prepare article for website on comment warriors and media team including appointment of RG-P

17. PR to prepare detailed proposals for billboard campaign funded by donations.

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