26 Sep Minutes of CLEAR Executive Committee Meeting Held 18th May 2011

Cannabis Law Reform
Approved minutes of Executive Committee meeting 18-05-11
Peter Reynolds 11-09-11


Committee members
DH Des Humphrey
MP Mark Palmer
PR Peter Reynolds
SW Stuart Warwick
JW Janice Wells

MA Matt Aldridge
CB Chris Bovey
CF Clark French

1. PR took the chair.
2. Apologies were received from Jason Reed and Tom Raikes.
3. DH was appointed to the committee by unanimous vote.
4. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th March were approved. Matters arising were carried forward
4. JW informed the meeting that CLEAR was registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission from 27th April 2011.
5. The meeting discussed election strategy. It was agreed that each by-election opportunity would be considered on an individual basis. CLEAR would not field a candidate for the Inverclyde by-election. CLEAR would consider supporting any candidate who offered to stand in local council elections.
6. JW reported on membership numbers and finance.
7. The new website was discussed. A vote of thanks was extended to CB for his financial support which has made the website possible.
8. All aspects of current campaigning activity were discussed. It was agreed that
a. Hemp needs to be given more priority
b. Some legal advice needs to included on the website
c. Harm reduction advice needs to be included on the website
d. SW will work with CB to establish the database of MPs on the website including a link with www.theyworkforyou.com
e. PR to finalise merchandising arrangements with CF
f. CLEAR will plan future events in Cardiff rather than London
g. DH/MP will plan a Cardiff Cannabis Carnival for August Bank Holiday
h. MP will take reponsibility for recruiting and training stewards for all events
i. CLEAR will seek to replicate the excellent work in Wales led by DH in Scotland
j. JW to arrange stickers as a promotional medium
k. JW to expedite membership sign-up by text message
l. JW to ensure delivery of a medicinal leaflet to all MPs and Lords