31 Jan Minutes Of CLEAR Executive Committee Meeting Held 27th November 2011

Cannabis Law Reform

Approved minutes of Executive Committee meeting 27-11-11

Peter Reynolds 29-01-12


Committee members

CB Chris Bovey
GH Greg de Hoedt
DH Des Humphrey
MP Mark Palmer
PR Peter Reynolds
DW Derek Williams
JW Janice Wells


CH Christine Humphrey1. PR took the chair.

2. Apologies were received from Sanj Chowdhary.

3. Sanj Chowdhary and Greg de Hoedt were appointed to the committee by unanimous vote.

4. Jason Reed’s resignation from the committee was accepted with regret.

5. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th September were approved. Matters arising were carried forward.

6. PR confirmed that documents were being prepared to register Cannabis Truth as a charity with the principle aim of education about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

7. PR confirmed that he was working on the development of the “How You Can Help” section of the website and the possibility of cannabis related short breaks abroad.

8. The prospect of standing in the forthcoming Feltham and Heston by-election was discussed. It was agreed that PR should stand as a candidate providing that an election fighting fund of £1500 could be raised.

9. Activity since the last meeting was discussed. The committee expressed its satisfaction with the Westminster press conference and Cannabis Truth roadshow.

10. It was agreed that the 2012 conference should be held at the University of Salford during the Easter holiday break. The plan would be to charge £45 per delegate for a two day event with a target of 100 delegates.

11. DH reported on progress with planning the 2012 Million Marijuana march.

12. DH provided a list of 2012 festivals. Once the Cannabis Truth charity is formed he will investigate the cost of attending.

13. JW agreed that she would share some of her workload with MP

14. PR to draw up a plan for 2012