31 May Minutes Of CLEAR Executive Committee Meeting Held 29th January 2012

Cannabis Law Reform
Approved minutes of Executive Committee meeting 29-01-12
Peter Reynolds 27-05-12


Committee members

GH Greg de Hoedt
MP Mark Palmer
PR Peter Reynolds
DW Derek Williams
JW Janice Wells


JG Jack Girling
TG Tina Girling

1. PR took the chair.

2. Apologies were received from Chris Bovey.

3. After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that Sanj Chowdhary and Mal McBurney should be expelled from the party for conduct that was incompatible with remaining a member. In Sanj Chowdhary’s case, for betraying the confidence of the executive committee. In Mal McBurney’s case for the repeated use of foul language on the Facebook page.

4. JW to arrange for the bank to be advised that Chris Baldwin is no longer a signatory on the CLEAR bank account.

5. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 27th November were approved. Matters arising were carried forward.

6. PR presented documents for signature to form a company limited by guarantee to be known as Cannabis Truth and to be registered as a charity. It was agreed that all members of the executive would be directors and would subscribe for £1 each.

7. Events since the last meeting were discussed. PR agreed that he would pass any contentious comments or articles before other exec members before posting.

8. JW presented a draft set of accounts for 2011. She agreed to check on our obligations to prepare audited accounts

9. The website was discussed. DW to add a downloads page with all CLEAR leaflets, a page with research papers and studies and a general index.

10. JW to check that our registration under the Data Protection Act was up to date and that the change of name from LCA to CLEAR was notified.

11. The 2012 wish list requests from the website were discussed. It was agreed that these should be transferred to the new members’ forum for further discussion.

12. The Comment Warriors campaign was discussed. All exec members remain enthusiastic and committed to it. A vote of thanks to Dan Ford was agreed for his work. PR to approach him about taking over management of the campaign.

13. The Legal Remedies campaign was discussed. A vote of thanks to Buster Dawson was agreed for his work. PR to approach him about identifying new pro bono legal advisors.

14. The events surrounding Des Humphrey’s JR proceedings were discussed. The committee was anxious to provide him with any support possible in resolving the matter. MP to approach him and offer help but he would need to be prepared to engage with us for anything to be done.

15. The committee reaffirmed its commitment to the PCC campaign.

16. The various event opportunities for 2012 were discussed. It was agreed to focus all of CLEAR’s event effort on the Cananbis Truth roadshow. MP to arrange recovery of various roadshow items from Des Humphrey. Two or three additional vertical posters with stands to be purchased.

17. The CLEAR Plan was discussed and it was agreed that consultation over the second edition should begin on the members’ forum.

18. The Equal Opportunities policy was considered and unanimously approved. DW to draft the disputes procedure.

19. It was agreed that the future status of CLEAR as a political party should be discussed on the members’ forum.

20. It was agreed that CLEAR should investigate providing education services on cannabis to schools, colleges, universities and GPs.

21. The members’ forum was discussed. MP is to take the lead on this project and the forum should go live within the next week. Topics for discussion should include:
– electing members of the executive committee
– future status as political party or pressure group
– 2012 conference
– local constituency groups
– non-cannabis related discussion
– social “coffeeshop” area
– CLEAR plan consultation

22. The meeting agreed that new leaflets and stickers should be produced as soon as funds are available. “QR” tags to be included

23. The meeting agreed that membership fees should be increased to £10 per annum or £5 for concessions.