26 Sep Minutes Of LCA Management Committee Meeting Held 11th March 2011

Approved minutes of management committee meeting 11-03-11
Peter Reynolds 18-05-11


DB Don Barnard
MP Mark Palmer
PR Peter Reynolds
SW Stuart Warwick
JW Janice Wells

1. PR took the chair.
2. The meeting agreed that the people present constituted the Alliance Administration under the terms of the existing constitution.
3. The meeting agreed that PR be appointed leader and SW deputy leader in accordance with the recent ballot of the membership.
4. The meeting expressed regret at the resignation of Alun Buffry as an officer and a member. It was noted that he had been asked to accept the role of party chairman but had declined.
5. The meeting discussed the draft new constitution and the possibility of a name change. DB was strongly opposed and stated that he intended to veto any change to the name, constitution or website. A heated discussion ensued. Eventually, the four other members voted to remove DB from the committee.
6. Various amendments to the constitution were agreed, principally the simplification of the aims and objectives. The meeting agreed that the new constitution should be recommended to the membership and that its ratification should be sought by a ballot.
7. The meeting discussed the possibility of a name change. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the new name “Cannabis Law Reform” should be recommended to the membership and that its ratification should be sought by ballot.
8. The meeting agreed that registration as a political party should be completed as soon as the results of the ballot on the new constitution and name change are known.
9. The meeting agreed that a new website should be developed. Subject to receiving assurances about protection of future use of the LCA name and retention of all rights, the content of the existing website could be taken over as an historical archive by the Cannabis Campaigners’ Guide.
10. The meeting agreed that membership fees should be reduced to £5.00 per annum with a reduced rate of £1.00 for concessions.
11. The meeting agreed that Jason Reed should be co-opted onto the committee with special responsibility for advancing the cause amongst the celebrity and arts communities.
12. The meeting agreed that efforts should be made to recruit a high profile chairperson.
13. In recognition of DB’s service the committee agreed to offer him a Life Fellowship of the party.