19 Mar Misguided Crimestoppers Campaign Drives Cannabis Market Towards Organised Crime

Disgraced Disgraced

In an appalling misjudgment the Crimestoppers charity has started distribution of scratch ‘n’ sniff cards supposedly to inform people about the smell of cannabis. See the press release here.

I spoke to Crimestoppers’ Head of Communications today. I explained to her that organised crime farms don’t smell. They use sophisticated ventilation systems and carbon filters to esnure they aren’t detected. The farms that smell are the grandmother growing a few plants to treat her arthritis or the MS sufferer that is growing because his doctor has been banned from prescribing Sativex because it’s too expensive.

I could almost her her jaw hit the floor as she said “I didn’t realise”.

The consequence of this campaign will be that small, personal growers will feel even more persecuted and afraid for something they do in the privacy of their own homes. Undoubtedly they will go back to buying on the street and so promote and encourage the criminal gangs running large, smell-free farms.

This nasty, spiteful campaign will turn neighbour against neighbour. It will target the sick and the vulnerable. It is a disgusting example of a charity being inveigled into supporting a disastrous and irrational government policy that causes far more harm than it prevents.

Congratulations Crimestoppers, you’ve just created a whole new set of victims. The only people who will benefit from this are criminal gangs.