18 Feb MMU Research Request Update

For the past few months CLEAR and UKCIA have been carrying a request from Manchester Metropolitan University for help with a research project into cannabis use and mental health, you can see the details here.

Rohan Morris, who is undertaking this study, has just given us this short update. He will be providing a “a lay summary” – a plain English summary – of the study and it’s findings later in the year and we will publish that when we get it.

But for now Rohan has asked us to carry this message

So far more than 200 people have given us half an hour or so of their time to complete our questionnaires. A big thank you to every one of you!

I appreciate not only the time people have spent answering our questions, but the openness and honesty of our participants. Without your willingness to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences we would be unable to carry out this study.

It has been over three years since we first decided to conduct this research and in this time I have been given the opportunity to work on a project which I am passionate about and I have found it truly fascinating. Unfortunately, like all good things it must come to an end. It is nearly time for us to move into the analysis phase of the research. Consequently, we intend to stop collecting data in March, although the exact date is still to be confirmed.

If there is anyone who wishes to take part in this study then please complete the questionnaires prior to midnight (GMT). We are looking for people over the age of 18 who have used cannabis (at least once) and had a diagnosis of a mental health problem. You can take part in our research anonymously via our website