14 May More Lies From The Home Office. A UK Government Department That Is Institutionally Dishonest.

This deceit from the Home Office needs to be called out straightaway. Andrew Gilligan, the Sunday Times journalist, did a great job of getting the Victoria Atkins cannabis scandal out into the mainstream and I thank him for that. I gave him a great deal more evidence of Home Office maladministration than he used but he managed to bring out yet more brazen dishonesty in the process.

The Home Office said: “When she was appointed . . . the minister voluntarily recused herself from policy or decisions relating to cannabis, including licensing.” This is absolute nonsense. It is a lie of the sort that you might expect from a small child that doesn’t really understand what is dishonesty.

Ms Atkins was appointed a Home Office minster on 9th November 2017. Since then she has spoken or provided written answers on aspects of drugs policy which either directly or indirectly concern cannabis. In fact, for decades our government hasn’t has a drugs policy, it has its inane drug strategy which treats all drugs exactly the same. The only difference as far as the Home Office is concerned are the penalties applied on conviction.

Ms Atkins has enaged on matters relating to drugs policy which either directly or indirectly concern cannabis on 23 occasions that I have been able to identify since she was appointed.

Organised Crime: Drugs. 23rd April 2018

Slavery: Children. 23rd April 2018

Organised Crime: Drugs. 16th April 2018

Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. 16th March 2018

Drugs: West Midlands. 12th March 2018

Cannabis: 7th March 2018

Slavery: Vietnam. 20th February 2018

Human Trafficking: Vietnam. 6th February 2018

Drugs: Internet. 5th February 2018

Slavery: Children. 31st January 2018

Drugs: Spain. 31st January 2018

Drugs: Misuse. 29th January 2018

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. 29th January 2018

Organised Crime: Drugs. 24th January 2018

Drug Consumption Rooms. 17th January 2018

County Lines. 17th January 2018

Organised Crime: Drugs. 8th January 2018

Misuse of Drugs: Minsterial Group. 14th December 2017

Organised Crime. 8th December 2017

Drugs: Misuse. 4th December 2017

Slavery. 30th November 2017

Drugs: Misuse. 27th November 2017

Slavery: Children. 27th November 2017





  • discerner
    Posted at 19:49h, 14 May Reply

    Her position is untenable, she needs to be hounded out by the opposition parties – there lies the problem. The Tories will try to ride it out – can they risk another embarrassing ministerial resignation, or sacking? I commented before about striking while the iron is hot – it’s never been hotter due to the recent publicity about this issue, which again confirms the shambolic and incompetent nature of this government.

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