28 May Mother And Daughter Sent To Prison For Five Plants

This story made me weep.

For five plants and 11 cuttings, Jeanette Turner, aged 48, of Highley Close, and Nina Rogers, 30, of Kingham Close, both in Redditch, were jailed for 20 months after pleading guilty to drug production. The full story is here.

Judge Christopher Plunkett is a vile monster and a sub human brute. he can come and take me away and lock me up if he wants to because I do hold him in the deepest and most profound contempt and NOTHING he could ever do to me could ever change that.

We need to rise in righteous anger and remorseless rage agaist this. This is the time when everyone, not just in Britain but across the world, must join together and protest. This is a horrendous sentence with no basis in justice, decency or humanity.

I shall write to the Judge and be polite and I want you to do the same thing too.

Judge Christopher Plunkett
Worcester Crown Court
Shire Hall
Foregate Street,

I shall also be writing to the Redditch Advertiser. Again, I shall be polite because otherwise it will be a waste of time. PLEASE! Join with me. We need to respond to this in force.

Editor: Paul Walker [email protected]
Deputy Editor: Alex Wellings [email protected]
News Editor: Helen Clarke [email protected]

I suggest that emails are copied to all three.

I shall post up my letter to the Judge and email to the newspaper in due course but please, this is the moment when we need to show our strength. I call on everyone to do their duty.