25 Apr Moving On

Thank you to everyone who took part in the confidence vote, whichever way you voted. It is right that the membership has had its say after all the turmoil we have been through.

Thank you for your vote of confidence. I will not let you down. I will continue to fight every day to end the prohibition of cannabis, most urgently for those who need it as medicine. I will do everything within my power to advance our cause.

Thank you also to Janice Wells, our party treasurer and secretary who took on the task of administering, triple checking and counting the votes. She has done sterling work with great integrity and with the members’ interests paramount.

Now we move on. We leave behind the haters and hypocrites, the moaners and complainers, those who only appear to bicker and argue and are never there when work needs to be done. They are not welcome in CLEAR.

We will continue to have a zero tolerance policy about bickering and trolling, both on the Facebook page and the website. Their purpose is to advance the campaign, nothing else. Members can raise any issue they want to in the forum and administrative issues should be dealt with by email or Facebook message. We will not see our online presence abused by those who wish to interfere with or subvert our work.

As spring arrives the Cannabis Truth roadshow is making plans. We will be taking the truth about cannabis to the streets of Britain. We have plans for new literature and new campaigns. We still don’t know how the HASC drugs inquiry will unfold. The Comment Warriors campaign continues to do good work every day.

CLEAR is making a difference as no other cannabis campaign ever has. We welcome all who want to join with us. We are the responsible, professional, effective voice for cannabis in Britain, now stronger than ever.