04 Jun Nadine Dorries, MP For Mid-Bedfordshire, Speaks Blatant Untruths About Cannabis

On BBC Radio 4 Any Questions, first broadcast yesterday evening, Friday 3rd June 2011, and repeated this afternoon, Nadine Dorries said that the cannabis available today is “50 times stronger” than it used to be and that smoking just one spliff will “prevent a child from reaching its full educational potential”.

I was fortunate enough to be the very last speaker on Any Answers and I did my best to refute this absurd nonsense.

This woman is nothing short of a menace to society. She must be stopped. Her lies must be exposed and she must become an object of ridicule and disgust. Below is my email to her. England expects (and so does Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) every man (and woman) to do his (and her) duty. Please write to Ms Dorries at dorriesn@parliament.uk and explain to her why she is wrong and why she should resign.

People like Ms Dorries are responsible for death, misery, degradation and the waste of billions in public resources as they sustain a deeply flawed, immoral and irrational policy. We must hound her out of office. Get writing now!

—– Original Message —–
From: Peter Reynolds
To: dorriesn@parliament.uk
Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2011 2:47 PM
Subject: Your statements about cannabis on Any Questions

Dear Ms Dorries,

I am outraged and disgusted at the blatant lies and misinformation you spoke about cannabis on Any Questions.

There is no room for a gentle rebuke here. Your words were a disgrace. They contribute to the government sponsored misinformation about drugs which actually causes harm to millions of people in Britain. It is difficult to conceive of any politician speaking more inaccurate and false words. You should resign immediately.

The depth of your apparent ignorance is extraordinary. In fact, I simply do not believe that you believe the utter nonsense that you spoke. Cannabis “50 times stronger”? One spliff will “prevent a child from reaching its full educational potential”? You are not so stupid. You must have been deliberately and knowingly speaking untruths.

These are utterly absurd and ridiculous statements. You are a complete fool to have made them. Anybody with even the slightest scientific qualification or knowledge will refute your nonsense.

Ms Dorries, I am the leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), a UK political party. In normal circumstances, I would try to engage with you and educate you with some facts about cannabis but you have gone far too far for that. No politician can remain in office after speaking such disgusting untruths. We will be mobilising our membership in your constituency to expose you for the charlatan, fraud and liar that you are.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Reynolds

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