31 May Neither Justice Nor Law, This Judge Dispenses Only Prejudice And Bizarre Opinion

Judge Peter Bowers

Judge Peter Bowers

Judge Peter Bowers is notorious for his words from a 2012 trial:

“It takes a huge amount of courage to burgle somebody’s house. I wouldn’t have had the nerve…I think prison very rarely does anybody any good.”

Few of us would consider that burglary requires courage. Perhaps a brazen, devil-may-care attitude but not something that by any measure can be considered admirable or excusable. Burglary is the definitive crime of violence against a victim’s property. It means breaking in or making forcible entry to a property in order to steal. Frequently, if interrupted, a burglar will resort to violence against the person.

Burglars are not people to be lauded or forgiven. They are scum, the detritus of society and should be condemned, punished and prevented from repeating their offence.

Anyone, in Judge Bowers’ position, trusted with dispensing justice, who offers excuses and weasel words of understanding is as bad as the offender himself. And what is Judge Bowers’ sweeping generalisation and attitude to the victimless ‘crime’ of growing cannabis?

“I want it to be very clear that anyone who grows cannabis gets a prison sentence.”

Source: Hartlepool Mail, 30th May 2014

We have no further need of Judge Bowers’ services. Let him retire with whatever dignity he can still manage. This is a man so out of touch and irrational that he is out of time.