10 Feb News Release – CLEAR Offers Volunteer Canvassers To Eastleigh Liberal Democrats

Contact: Peter Reynolds
Tel: 07880872022

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CLEAR Offers Volunteer Canvassers To Eastleigh Liberal Democrats

CLEAR has approached the Eastleigh Liberal Democrats with an offer of practical help and support in their by-election campaign.

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, has suggested that up to a dozen volunteer canvassers could be made available in Eastliegh for the LibDems.

“All we want in return is for Mike Thornton, the LibDem candidate, to endorse his party’s own official policy on cannabis. Then we will throw all our support and energy right behind him.”

Since 2011 the Liberal Democrat’s policy on cannabis has been to consider “potential frameworks for a strictly controlled and regulated cannabis market and the potential impacts of such regulation on organised crime, and the health and safety of the public, especially children.”

Reynolds stood as a candidate in the recent Corby by-election and came ninth out of fourteen candidates.

We’re a single issue party and we don’t really aim to win seats. What we want to do is influence policy. The LibDems are the only major party with a rational and evidence-based policy on cannabis. Cameron dismissed the recent drugs inquiry report and then admitted he hadn’t even read it. The Labour Party is too scared of the tabloid press even to mention the subject. UKIP at least calls for a Royal Commission on drug policy”

CLEAR campaigns for an end to the prohibition of cannabis, most urgently by permitting doctors to prescribe it for medicinal use. In addition, a tax and regulate policy would better protect children by removing the £6 billion market from the control of criminals. Independent expert research shows that a net gain of up to £9.3 billion pa could result from cost savings and new tax revenue.

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) to promote the cause of cannabis law reform, with the aim of replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of real legal control which would allow proper control of the trade, ensure proper regulation of the product in terms of strength and purity and provide proper protection for vulnerable people such as children.



If you would like more information on this topic or an other aspect of the work of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), or to arrange an interview with Peter Reynolds please contact him on 07880 872022

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