07 Nov News Release – Corby By-Election – Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

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Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

Last night, American voters took a huge step forward and legalised cannabis for adults in Colorado and Washington State.

Massachusetts also passed medical marijuana legislation and decriminalisation measures were passed in Detroit and Grand Rapids. Legalisation was defeated in Oregon and medical marijuana rejected in Arkansas and Montana.

Betty Aldworth, spokesperson for Colorado’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol campaign said:

“We went up against 70 years of lies to keep marijuana illegal for evil reasons – and we took them down!”

Peter Reynolds said:

“Today is an historic day. The dam has burst. The people have spoken.

No longer does the great immoral evil of prohibition dominate our world. Freedom is on the rise.


Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) to promote the cause of cannabis law reform, with the aim of replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of real legal control which would allow proper control of the trade, ensure proper regulation of the product in terms of strength and purity and provide proper protection for vulnerable people such as children.



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