30 Mar Norman Baker Defies Theresa May On Drugs Policy

Her Majesty's Under-Secretary of State for the Home Office, Norman Baker MP

Her Majesty’s Under-Secretary of State for the Home Office, Norman Baker MP

Due credit to The Mail on Sunday for breaking the biggest story in UK drugs policy in years.

Even more credit to Norman Baker, the man of steel, for standing up to the bigot drug warrior Theresa May, she of prejudice, spite and denial of evidence.

As the Mail reports:

“Home Secretary Theresa May faced a revolt last night after one of her own Ministers refused to implement a drugs ban.

Liberal Democrat Drugs Minister Norman Baker is defying Mrs May’s order to criminalise khat, a plant chewed to give users a high and used predominantly in East African immigrant communities.

Mr Baker – who once said cannabis was ‘no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco’ – has told Mrs May he disagrees with her plan to ban the substance, and flatly refused to act on it.”

This suggests radical ideas on UK drugs policy. Last year, Nick Clegg promised a review before Christmas, then it slipped to March. Perhaps now we see the reason for the delay.

The man of steel. The reform Britain needs. The defeat of lies, misinformation and stupidity. Could we really be getting close?