31 Jan It’s Not The Premier League (Yet) But Rangers FC Wears The CLEAR Logo On Their Shirts

By Joseph Wood, Team Secretary

Rangers FC are based in the Chesterfield and District Sunday League in Derbyshire and are currently competing in division three after finishing runners up in the fourth division last season.

They are again challenging for promotion and have recently won a place in the semi-final of the Derbyshire county FA Sunday cup whilst also being in contention for the Chatsworth cup native to the Chesterfield Sunday league.

As  the committee members and many of the players at Rangers FC are passionate advocates for law changes around the medicinal use of cannabinoids, we have decided to show support for CLEAR by having the logo as the shirt sponsor for our home kit.

As cannabinoids continue to gain more positive weight in the mainstream media, we decided that we would like to do our bit, however small, in contributing to the momentum by increasing exposure to information and organisations that are vital in the encouraging sensible changes to laws and access to cannabinoids.

We intend to pass on information through distributing leaflets at pubs during away games and promoting conversations in our own social hub with those who join us.

It is rare for anyone not to have someone in their lives who are suffering from an ailment that has a significant impact on their mental and physical well-being, for which cannabis could provide relief or recovery. For these reasons we have the CLEAR logo on our shirts and believe that even if we reach out to a handful of people, it will have a positive knock on effect in educating people and generating more support for change.