29 Jun Nuff Said Of ISMOKE


I would like to introduce myself – I am Nuff Said, Founder of ISMOKE HERB and ISMOKE Magazine. I’ve been with CLEAR from the very beginning, and am a full-fledged supporter of the cannabis campaign.

I would just like to say without going into detail how much it angers me that a vast amount of people in the UK are ignorant enough to ignore the benefits that this wonderful plant has to offer, especially for those who use it medicinally. Cannabis is a wonder drug, and needs to be recognised as one instead of tarnished with the same false accusations of mental health links again and again in our nation’s tabloids.

But a bit about ISMOKE:

I started ISMOKE to help raise awareness for the cannabis campaign (which CLEAR is also doing a wonderful job of, I might add – it was only yesterday that I noticed an A3 poster with the heading “CANNABIS SAVES LIVES” outside my local train station!) Since that point about a year ago the blog has expanded into ISMOKE Magazine, a monthly publication that is all free and online to make it as accessible as possible to any cannabis user in the UK.

As well as those who use cannabis (I like to call them ‘ISMOKERS’), the magazine and blog are also targeting those who are curious about cannabis and currently undecided on their views towards it. That’s not to say that a dose of ISMOKE Magazine won’t help you win pretty much any argument a prohibitionist may throw at you courtesy of features such as “Marijuana Myths”, brought to you each issue by featured author CURE UKAY.

Another regular author you may be familiar with is Jason Reed A.K.A HomeGrownOutlaw – also a CLEAR writer and a medicinal user with a lot to say on the subject. His articles are definitely worth a read and his latest article “Cannabis: Gateway Drug? Too Right” due for release in issue 6 of ISMOKE Magazine is one not to be missed!

Also on the roster is Clark French, who you may recognise from the “CANNABIS SAVES LIVES” CLEAR campaign. He has taken over the strain reviews, presenting a Kush Special the upcoming issue of ISMOKE Magazine.

The feature article this month is written by Alun Buffry, and is entitled “What if Cannabis Was Legalised?” an inside look about what would happen if Cannabis was made legal here in the UK.

And if stoner humour is what you’re after, check out Are You Mental? A healthy(ish) banter between Jason Reed and Cockroach, ISMOKE’s resident Black Humourist! The next issue deals with the recreational side of the medicinal vs. recreational argument (See issue 5 for Jason’s side of the argument).

Also in the latest issue is the next instalment of Britain’s newest cannabis hero – PO MAN. This comic designed by Boniface highlights the irony of prohibition.

And let’s not forget your monthly instalment of articles by myself, Nuff Said. In the next issue I go into detail about my evolving views on cannabis.

There’s all of that and a whole lot more in Issue 6 of ISMOKE Magazine – 86 Pages of cannabis-related goodness – due for release at midnight, 1st July 2011. Don’t miss out! You can find the front cover and table of contents below.



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