05 Sep Parliament To Release Report On Inquiry Into Medicinal Cannabis.

APPG medcan inquiry
Next Tuesday, 13th September 2016, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform (APPG) will release its report following its inquiry into medicinal cannabis.

The APPG consists of members of both Houses of Parliament.  It was established in 2011 with a declaration that reads:

  • That the global war on drugs has failed.
  • That we will work for drug policy reform.
  • That the Group will draw upon available evidence and experience in order to inform our recommendations.

APPG Website

The best known members of the APPG include Paul Flynn MP, Lord Alan Howarth, Caroline Lucas MP and Baroness Molly Meacher.

The full title of the inquiry into medicinal cannabis explains a lot more:

  • Short Inquiry into the case for changing the categorisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes from Schedule 1 to a more appropriate Schedule.


The report will include evidence from both written submissions and a series of oral hearings.  Alongside it, Professor Mike Barnes, the neurologist, will publish his review of the scientific evidence on medicinal cannabis.  This will become the authoritative work on the subject. The United Patients Alliance has also conducted a survey of medicinal cannabis users which will  report valuable evidence.

Roland Gyallay-Pap, Peter Reynolds

Roland Gyallay-Pap, Peter Reynolds

CLEAR submitted a comprehensive written response in February 2016. Then, on 2nd March 2016, Peter Reynolds and Roland Gyallay-Pap were called to give evidence to the inquiry.  We delivered a short presentation and answered many questions.

We are confident that the report will strongly support re-scheduling of cannabis so that it may be used as medicine.  What difference it will make in the short tem is a different matter.  Reform is now entirely a political issue, there can be no argument with the evidence.  It will depend on when there is the political will to make the change. It is not difficult, the Home Secretary could do it with single stroke of her pen.

Immediately after the APPG publishes its report, CLEAR will publish its written submission and presentation.

This report is, we believe, the strongest ever, coherent attempt to change the law. It is a definitive platform that deserves widespread support across Parliament.  That is what will drive change.