16 Mar Patent Application On Cannabis Compounds For Treatment And Prevention Of Cancer


On 7th March 2013, the US Patent & Trade Office published GW Pharmaceuticals’ patent application covering all plant-derived cannabinoids for use in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

United States Patent Application # 20130059018

The application includes reference to cannabinoids administered “…either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS)”. This is clearly a euphemism for cannabis! Forget weed, draw, grass, dope, green – BDS is the newest and coolest term!


It is, however, remarkable evidence that supports the urgent need for research into cannabis and its components. Note that the application is for treatment and prevention. There is ample evidence already that cannabis works to relieve many of the symptoms of cancer and of chemotherapy, so enabling patients to make a better recovery. This is a far more significant development.

For too long the ‘crazy stoner’ brigade has been opening the whole medicinal cannabis argument to ridicule by overclaiming. This, though, is real progress in advancing the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids which until now have only been theoretical, in vitro or animal experiments.

Personally, I believe in the theory. The vast number of anecdotal stories about cannabis oil convinces me that if I was diagnosed with the disease, I would be heading straight for Holland, Israel, Colorado or Washington where I could safely obtain the medicine I would need.

What this news does prove beyond doubt is the cruelty and gross negligence of UK government policy and ministers. Also of the corrupt US institution, the DEA, and anyone who supports or maintains the idiocy that ‘there is no medicinal value in cannabis’.

Crucially, the patent is about phytocannabinoids, that is cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant but also terpines, other components of the plant, again lending weight to the theory that it is the whole plant that offers the greatest benefits, not just individual components.

The patent specifically mentions tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabigerol propyl variant (CBGV), tetrahydrocannabivarinic acid (THCVA), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC).

It also specifically mentions prostate, breast, skin, colon, lung and bone cancer as well as glioma (brain tumour) and lymphoma.

The patent is well worth reading. It is an insight into the truth about the medicinal value of cannabis and should be complusory education for the ignorant politicians who support prohibition.