09 Mar This is Paul Kenward, husband of Victoria Atkins MP who is the UK drugs minister. He grows cannabis for a living.

Mr Kenward is managing director of British Sugar which grows cannabis under contract to GW Pharmaceuticals at its 45 acre greenhouse in Wissington, Norfolk.  As confirmed by British Sugar, the cannabis is for production of Epidiolex, GW’s epilepsy medicine which is understood to be 98% cannabidiol (CBD).

British Sugar website

Epidiolex is not yet licensed as a medicine although it is currently with the FDA for US approval and the European Medicines Agency for approval within the EU including the UK.  It’s unclear how the British Sugar operation can be legal as according to the Home Office it only issues licences for research purposes.  Only after the medicine has received a marketing authorisation could it be legally grown for commercial purposes.

This is Mrs Kenward, who prefers to be known by her maiden name of Atkins, in a recorded discussion with Kevin Sabet, America’s most notorious anti-cannabis campaigner who is fighting desperately to see the wave of legalisation in the USA reversed.

Victoria Atkins MP is now a junior Home Office minister with responsibility for drugs policy.  She has spoken out forcefully against any form of legalisation or regulation of cannabis in the UK.  She also rigidly maintains the government’s line that there is ‘no therapeutic value’ in cannabis.  Of course, when it comes to her husband she takes a different view and, of course, she has authority to see licences issued entirely on her own discretion.

Ms Atkins spoke about drugs regulation in Parliament in July 2017:

“We are talking about gun-toting criminals, who think nothing of shooting each other and the people who carry their drugs for them. What on earth does my hon. Friend think their reaction will be to the idea of drugs being regulated? Does he really think that these awful people are suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens?”

Isn’t it is her husband who is exactly the person she is talking about? He seems to be doing just fine as a “law-abiding citizen”.

Together with the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, other cabinet minsters, including prime minister Theresa May, who was the previous Home Secretary, Ms Atkins is running a giant cannabis cartel.  As shown by the International Narcotic Control Board, the UK is in fact the world’s largest producer, stockist and exporter of ‘legal’ medical cannabis.

UK citizens are denied any access to medical cannabis at all, except in the form of another licensed GW product known as Sativex.  However, in practice, Sativex is virtually impossible to obtain.  It is believed that about one million UK citizens use cannabis illegally for medical purposes.

No, this is not a spoof article.  This story is so incredible and outrageous that you really couldn’t make it up.  Yes, the picture of Paul Kenward is photoshopped but all these facts are easily verifiable.

  • Jane Sparkle

    Corruption at the heart of our government. How are they allowed to get away with telling us we cannot grow it for medical issues. When they do it under their own made up rules

    • rusty

      Laws are made to control the population, it’s no mistake that her husband has the legal right and others are not allowed! Same goes for those tax loop holes they use are not there by mistake, one law for them and another for us!!!

    • Joe O Brien

      It’s money for the government

      • Peter Hathaway

        So you think thats ok. I’m astonished

  • Mauricio Massa

    I never met a cannabis user with cancer.

    • Mo O’Boyle

      My friend was a heavy toker and died of stomach cancer several years ago. I miss her still. She was a beautiful person.

      • plasmaman

        did she smoke it with tobacco, even smoking it without most probably has dangers due to the carbon fumes. vaporizing or eating it i would think removes those dangers, but i would also imagine its not 100% effective in every case as nothing is.

        • Peter Simmons

          Smoking per se is neutral, and has been used for thousands of years as a method of ingesting medicine. Coltsfoot is often taken by smoking as that takes it to the lungs where it is needed to cure lung infections. Tobacco is the carcinogen, and tobacco chewers get mouth and stomach cancer.

    • It’s irrelevant.

    • Randy Robinson

      Probably because they had cancer. Cancer patients aren’t terribly social because they’re, y’know, dying.

    • Walter Dewald

      Bob Marley unfortunately fell victim to cancer – I think best to ingest it.

      • Mauricio Massa

        Bull Shit! Bob Marley died of an untreated cut he had playing soccer….

        • Peter Simmons

          Wrong. He died from lung cancer. He smoked chillums with loads of tobacco like many rastas.

      • Mauricio Massa

        I doubt it.

    • Peter Simmons

      Those who smoke it with tobacco are just as likely to die of cancer than anyone. Smoking it without is totally safe, as a recent scientific examination concluded.

  • Nathan Hayles

    So can we all just assume it’s totally legal now. These sinister Tory crooks profit from it so why shouldn’t we. **** them and **** THIER law.

    • Boo Meringue

      They had to shop a bud in because he grows the schwag

  • Nathan Hayles

    Oh cool, so it’s legal now. Result.

  • Honestyfirst

    Has no medicinal value. UK the largest exporters of “Medicinal Cannabis”. THEY sell it for money, but aren’t drug dealers. WE sell the odd pocket bag of weed… 3 years in prison.

  • Melvin Grosvenor

    This is sheer nonsense and possible grounds for defamation .. I really hope so..

    • All the facts are correct and easily verified.

      • Boo Meringue

        But you photoshopped that bud in mate. Don’t lie.

        • Gerry Farrell

          No lie. They said it was photoshopped in the article. Did you even read it, bud?

        • Peter Simmons

          The Photoshopping was not a lie, the man grows bud, since only a picture of sugar was available, it’s perfectly acceptable to make the link with bud by placing a bud in it. If he had nothing to do with cannabis, then it would be defamation. You seem to have difficulty folowing logical reasoning.

    • Peter Simmons

      Do you Melvin. I’m impressed.

    • Marc Klita

      Scroll on

  • John Pocock

    Reading this and applying a little grey matter,it looks very much as if the idea is to register cannabis under a pharma order,thus making it illegal for Joe public to grow or use.They,in my mind,are going the same route as the yanks,bringing it directly under the big pharmaceuticals,for obvious bloody reasons.
    That’s only my understanding of it,what do you think.

  • Boo Meringue

    That bud looks fake hahaha.

    • It’s photoshopped as it clearly states in the article. In answer to you and to the others who criticise the use of a photoshopped image, it has resulted in enormous impact including over 10,000 shares on social media.

      We make no apology for it at all.

      All the fact of the story are 100% accurate and easily verifiable. Our job is to bring this to as wide attention as possible. We have achieved that and will continue to use our best efforts to gain the widest possible publicity.

      • Boo Meringue

        It is a fantastic article Peter. I wish your organisation the best of successes, we have similar issues of corruption in Australia. Tories helping their mates while they deny the wider research and blockade the access, while offering GW pharmaceuticals patented “formulations”. Many people suffer because of this. Keep up the good fight! Kind regards,

      • SteveH

        If you put a mark in the photo to say it was photoshopped that would be forgiveable, as it is well brilliant, you have deceived 10,000 people, that’s not something to be proud of.

        • If you actually read the article, guess what you’ll find? How about you apply yourself to the important issue here rather than diverting attention from it?

          • SteveH

            You clearly said the photo, which was made up, got you 10,000 shares . The number one important issue to me is that politics is founded on truth, facts that kind of thing, not deception. I’m suggesting that every time you (any journalistic source) photoshop something you stamp the photo to say so, not declare it 11 paragraphs down.
            In your defence the version of this story I’ve seen on FB says that the minister issued the licence, which
            as far as I can see is well wrong as it was issued in 1998, and you don’t say that (but you use a form of words which could easily be misinterpreted to say that she did).

            Put another way the (laudable) end does not justify the (lying) means, and actually you allow the defenders of the status quo to dismiss you as an untrustworthy organisation and maybe set your cause back

            PS I hope your campaign succeeds

          • There is no ‘lie’ and no “deception”. Your attack on this article is misguided.

            GW Pharma’s original licence was issued in 1998 for research purposes only. A further licence must have been issued to permit the commercial production of cannabis at British Sugar’s Wissington greenhouse. Such information is held in secret by the Home Office. The licence is issued under the aegis of the Secretary of State for the Home Department. It’s clear that Ms Atkins would not have been a junior minister at that time but, of course, the responsibility lies with the office and not the individual.

          • SteveH

            Let’s leave it there, I’ve made my point. Best of luck

          • RachelRobert Poile


  • Anna Tyrer

    why why why the fake photo? are you spreading real news? not so if you visual facts are not facts. It is pity as this is a very interesting story. it seems likely that In the event of a knock to the economy following brexit that legal production and consumption of cannabis will come to pass as an effective quicjk fix on the domestic economy, abeit in the hands of big business.

    • Gerry Farrell

      Didn’t you read the article?

    • Karl Vocoda

      Not sharing for the same reason

  • It’s not legal unless you have a low THC licence. Otherwise the penalty is exactly the same as for any cannabis plant.

    • Peter Simmons

      Ah, was wondering about that re the seeds available that are pure CBD [almost]. So they make the non THC plants illegal as well to save the necessity for testing. Makes sense from a police point of view, but from a scientific pov, it’s utter nonsense. I expect much contortions over the next few years.

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  • Paul Gibney


    • David DM Coutant


  • Peter Hathaway

    I love the photo the proportions are funny. Like the size of the bud in his tiny hands…

    • Diane Pinson-woods

      Gotta love photoshop!

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  • Walter Dewald

    In Austria it is now legal to grow it, but you are not allowed to bring it to flower. 🙂 Soon….one small step for a government, but a giant leap for the population.

    • Peter Simmons

      LOL The very point of it is to get flowers! Seems one small step is a step too far for politicians.

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  • cubstks

    Lets get some things straight the doctor says some sensible things, and (mainly) approaches the subject well. He has done a lot of research however when he talks about cannabis and car crashes related to deaths wtf? At the end of the day if you want to drive high you will, if you want to drive drunk you will I would rather get “high” and have a chance of crashing, then get “drunk” and have a chance of crashing as well as destroying my liver. Cannabis may not be the ideal option however its the safest by far. Also if it was legal we could control the amount of CBD in are Cannabis to counter the THC and all the “psychotic” episodes people are facing, make a strain that has both enough but not too much THC with high levels of CBD.

    • Peter Simmons

      Studies of cannabis users and driving have concluded that users drive more slowly, are more aware of other road users, are more courteous and anticipate other road users more. There is no proof of cannabis being involved in car accidents, and when cannabis has been found to be present, there is always alcohol in the bloodstream also. Just as cannabis won’t prevent lung cancer from tobacco it’s smoked with by some, it won’t prevent alcohol diminishging judgement and control.
      The fact that police test for cannabis doesn’t mean it has dangerous effects on driving.

    • Ryan Griffiths

      I passed my Military Licence (HGV) in ’78, I like many f my “Group” were stoned + passed. In ’79 I passed my “Civie” Licence Stoned + in ’82 I passed my Advanced Driving test to drive an Ambulance Stoned. I drove an Ambulance for 11 months + smoked morning, noon + night (I sed to smoke in Hospital toilets between calls + even smoked Joints occasionally with Patients in the rear, I only had one accident in that time + that was due to a “Car Thief” hearing my sirens + panicking causing an accident I ended up involved in
      When I returned to England in ‘7 I had to redo my Driving Test + passed it STONED yet again.
      So surely seeing that I passed ALL of those driving tests STONED I should be STONED before getting behind the wheel ……
      The few people who have been in a car with me when I’m NOT stoned didn’t enjoy the experience due to my stress levels + road rage. :'(

  • cubstks

    and miss vicotria atkins is just scraping and licking ass to stay in politics which is what literally torries are known for. All cannabis should be grown outside and receive natural light. I am a cannabis user and when I smoke any odd stuff I do get the psychosis effects, however when I smoke out door grown strains with normal levels of CBD all of those mental health issues are gone and my mental health is so much better. But then uk weather is so bad that we are never gonna be able to grow natural weed so what can we do? Buy alcohol and cigarettes as our stress relief.

    • Rory Hanna

      I’m in the east of England (not near that greenhouse though) and I grow Cannabis absolutely fine. Conditions in the UK are not great to grow outdoors because of the rain & damp, but if you grow in a greenhouse or sunny window then you can grow some excellent cannabis in the UK. Do some research on Cannabis strains that grow well in Northern Europe, and then buy some good quality seeds!

      • disqus_0aRtmznbyr

        Buy your cannabis seeds from a British Columbia, Canada seed bank, they have strong strains that can grow great outside in weather similar to UK weather. Vancouver seed bank is good.

    • stig781

      The weather’s fine you ******* *****, it’s easy to grow it here. More than any other country in fact.

      • If you use such language or make a personal attack on another commenter again, it will be your last comment on the CLEAR website

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  • We’ve received a number of complaints about using a photoshopped image of Paul Kenward, husband of Victoria Atkins MP the drugs minister, to highlight the fact that he makes a living growing cannabis.

    So here’s the original image of him holding a sugar beet. It doesn’t change the fact that cannabis for medical use is more profitable for his company, British Sugar, than sugar beet, nor that his wife is both a hypocrite and demonstrably corrupt in arguing against any cannabis regulation and that cannabis has no medical value


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  • disqus_0aRtmznbyr

    I believe Big Pharma is thinking to breed the health right out of cannabis and make sure they hold all the goods, but that ain’t gonna happen because it is our market – the people made it happen – we kept our seeds and risked ourselves to grow our weed.

  • Vasileios Vasileiadis