05 Jul PCC Complaint. The Guardian, 14th June 2011

—– Original Message —–
From: Peter Reynolds
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 4:07 PM
Subject: Complaint against the Guardian, issue dated 14th June 2011

Dear Sirs,

“Depression is not a ‘brain disorder'”, the Guardian, 14-06-11

I wish to make a complaint concerning the above article which is still available online at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/andrewbrown/2011/jun/14/depression-brain-disease-david-nutt?

I make the complaint on my own account but also in my capacity as the Leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), a UK political party, of P.O.Box 674, Salfords, Redhill, RH1 9BN. For the purposes of correspondence, please use my personal address as below.

1. This article breaches the Editors’ Code Of Practice clause 1.i) in that it publishes inaccurate, misleading and distorted information.

2. In the fifth paragraph the article states: “Even in cases where mental illness has undoubtedly been caused by chemical means – such as cannabis psychosis…” This is inaccurate, misleading and distorted information. Professor Glyn Lewis, of the University of Bristol, internationally recognised as the pre-eminent authority on the subject, confirmed only a few weeks ago that there is no certainty of a causal link between cannabis use and psychosis.

3. Although the article is presented as an opinion piece, that cannot absolve the newspaper from its responsibilities under clause 1.i). This statement is clearly asserted as fact – “…undoubtedly…” when in fact all the experts agree that there is no proven causal link between cannabis use and psychosis.

I would be grateful if you would deal with this complaint at your earliest convenience. I shall be happy to provide any further information required or to give oral evidence in support.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Reynolds