14 May Peter Reynolds, Radio London, Eddie Nestor’s Rumshop, 11th May 2012


Eddie Nestor’s Rumshop is a late night chat show based on the idea that in the Caribbean people would get together in the rumshop to discuss the issues of the day. Eddie invited me on to discuss cannabis together with Marjorie Wallace of the mental health charity SANE.

Neither Eddie nor Marjorie were keen on hearing any facts or evidence. Eddie even went so far as to say that he preferred to hear people’s experiences rather than listen to statistics. Fair enough but hardly a way to get at the truth!

Marjorie was actually very well informed about cannabis, so much so that she was very keen to stay away from the evidence about psychosis and stick to anecdote and scare story!

Actually I think the programme would have been far better without Eddie. Marjorie and I could have done an excellent job without him!