24 Dec Peter Reynolds Voted UK Politician Of The Year 2011

THE leader of Cannabis Law Reform, a registered political party campaigning to end the prohibition of cannabis in Britain, has topped a poll for UK Politician of the Year in 2011.

In a poll by the Politics UK website, Peter Reynolds, leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), was voted UK Politician of the Year 2011.

Votes cast for the top five nominees were as follows.

  • Peter Reynolds 801 (23%)
  • Alex Salmond 331 (9.5%)
  • Caroline Lucas 217 (6.2%)
  • Tom Watson 198 (5.7%)
  • Nigel Farage 189 (5.4%)

Peter Reynolds said:

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I think this just shows how out of touch the mainstream politicians and media are with the issues that really concern people. MPs run scared of the cannabis issue because they are terrified of what the Daily Mail will say. Meanwhile, current policy provides no protection at all for children, consumes £500 million per annum in criminal justice resources, gifts a £6 billion market to organised crime and denies people in pain and suffering access to this important medicine.”

Alan Wyllie, editor of Politics UK, said:

“Mr Reynolds is a new breed of politician. He treats the electorate with respect and will argue his point, not with ideology but with facts and data to back it up. Winning this poll reflects on his ability to connect with the general public. His fact based arguments have changed people’s opinions on the merits of regulation of cannabis. Congratulations from all at Politics UK.”