03 Oct Police Raid On CLEAR Medicinal Cannabis User Defeated


This morning, just before 8.00am, Clarence Clear (not his real name) heard the knock on the door that we all dread.

In fact, it wasn’t so much a knock as screaming and shouting that the police were here with a warrant and if the door wasn’t opened it would be knocked down.

You will remember that, as reported here, Clarence returned from Holland last month with 90g of Bedrobinol medicinal cannabis, dispensed to a UK doctor’s prescription.

The police refused to show the warrant until they were allowed in. It stated they could search the premises for cannabis and/or any other controlled drugs and documents or paperwork related to their distribution. It had been issued before the date of Clarence’s trip to Holland.

Clarence immediately said that he had Bedrobinol that he had obtained on a prescription. The officer in charge retorted that there was “…no such thing as medical cannabis!”.

The police opened a fresh pot of Bedrobinol and it was prodded, smelled and inspected. Clarence then showed the prescription and accompanying documentation and this was also passed around and inspected. Clarence even offered to call his doctor to have the prescription confirmed. Eventually, the officer in charge wrote ‘EXECUTED’ across the warrant and advised Clarence that it could not now be used again.

The police returned the Bedrobinol, the paperwork and left!

Clarence now has a ‘double lock’ on his right to the medicine he needs. His top tips: “Call it Bedrobinol, not cannabis and keep your paperwork close at hand”.

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