12 Dec Politics UK – This Is A Poll We Can Win!

UK Politician Of The Year

I was surprised but very gratified to discover yesterday that I had been nominated in Politics UK’s poll on UK politician of the year.

My flabber is thoroughly gasted and my gob entirely smacked to see that I am now well in the lead. At the time of writing, I have 215 votes and my nearest rival, Alex Salmond of the SNP, has 111!

As a politician what interests me about this is the potential for publicity for our cause. If I can do well, let alone win, it might make some of the mainstream media wake up and realise what they’re missing – that cannabis is an issue of great concern to real people. That the cozy little club they create with their chums in Westminster is not what its all about.

Of course, it only takes some Tory toady or Labour party apparatchik to get hold of this and Dave or Ed will surge into the lead. However, for now, this offers us the chance of a PR coup.

So please click here and vote for me!

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