27 Sep PRESS RELEASE. Cannabis Truth Roadshow In Carmarthen, Saturday 1st October 2011


Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), the UK political party, is bringing the truth about cannabis to Carmarthen this coming Saturday, 1st October 2011.

The roadshow will be setting up in Guild Hall Square from 10.00am. There will be speeches, Q&A sessions, informative leaflets and personal testimonies from those who use cannabis as medicine.

Jonathan Edwards and Simon Hart, local MPs, have been invited to speak. Local councillors from Labour, LibDem and Plaid Cymru as well as independents have been invited. Local newspapers, Radio Carmarthen and BBC Wales will be covering the story.

CLEAR seeks an end to the prohibition of cannabis, most urgently on a doctor’s prescription. It also advocates a safer, more responsible system of regulation which would protect children and the vulnerable, bring an end to illegal and destructive cannabis farming and cut out organised crime from the streets of Britain.

On 14th September 2011, CLEAR published a study from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (IDMU) which shows that a tax and regulate policy on cannabis would reduce all health and social harms while contributing a net gain of £6.7 billion per annum to the UK exchequer. This is an enormous sum of money, equivalent to three times the annual budget of the Department of Energy. CLEAR also published highly detailed proposals for how regulation would work. Full details of this research and the proposals will be available at the roadshow.

Most importantly the roadshow aims to tell the truth about cannabis:

– the huge proportion of society that uses cannabis safely without any problems
– the colossal waste of public money spent on the prohibition of cannabis
– the real risks to health and how they compare to alcohol and tobacco
– the proven medicinal benefits of cannabis which offer hope and relief to so many
– the cruel government policy that denies the sick and disabled access to medicine they need
– the government misinformation, propaganda and deceit about cannabis
– the unlawful monopoly granted to GW Pharmaceuticals based on a unique licence that is denied to anyone else
– the lies, scaremongering nonsense and prejudice about cannabis that are promoted in the tabloid press
– the enormous benefits that cannabis could offer to Britain if it was properly regulated

See the Facebook page for The Cannabis Truth Roadshow: www.facebook.com/CannaTruthRoadshow

For further information please contact CLEAR:

Peter Reynolds [email protected] +44(0)7880 872022

See the CLEAR website at www.clear-uk.org