04 Oct Press Release: Massive Surge In UK For Cannabis Law Reform.

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4th October 2015

Massive Surge In UK For Cannabis Law Reform.

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On 12th October, the petition to legalise cannabis will be debated by the UK Parliament. It presently stands at just under 220,000 signatures, the third biggest petition on the government’s website and demonstrates a revival of interest in this long running issue.

Within the last few days, CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform passed the milestone of 500,000 followers on social media. It is now one of the biggest pressure groups in the UK on any subject and one of the leading drug policy reform groups in the world, exceeding even generously-funded US groups. CLEAR is run entirely by volunteers. It exists on a shoestring budget, funded only by membership fees and donations.

The momentum for cannabis law reform is growing all over the world. This week the US state of Oregon implemented its full legalisation programme. In Colorado where legalisation started in January 2014, this year will see well over $100 million collected in cannabis taxes, all of which is ringfenced for schools and hospitals.

Roland Gyallay-Pap, acting leader of CLEAR, said:

We’re not expecting the debate to achieve an immediate change in the law but our members have been lobbying every MP in the country over the last few weeks and there is definitely a change of mood. Many MPs now recognise that banning access to medicinal cannabis is a cruel policy that cannot be supported by evidence. Hundreds of millions of people in Europe and the USA now have legal access to cannabis as medicine and it is used safely and effectively.

Call For Media To Explain the Case For and Against Legalisation.

The case for legalisation of cannabis is that it would create a safer, controlled market and bring £6 billion annual spend out of the black economy. Age limits could be enforced. Proper labelling and quality control would reduce harm. Independent research shows the economy could benefit by up to £9.5 billion per year.

Gyallay-Pap commented:

It is time for the British media to explain the options properly and in full to the public. The UK is getting left behind. Present policy does not protect children or communities, it actually causes harm and it is costing us billions. Newspapers and TV programmes should be investigating this in depth.

Roland Gyallay-Pap - Acting Leader of CLEAR.

Roland Gyallay-Pap, acting leader of CLEAR
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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform is a UK lobby group which aims to end the prohibition of cannabis most urgently for those who need it as medicine. CLEAR also advocates replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of regulation which would allow proper control of the product’s strength and quality while providing protection for children and the vulnerable.

CLEAR’s policies are based on independent, expert research carried out by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit in 2011:

CLEAR’s detailed proposals for cannabis regulation, ‘How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain’:


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