21 Sep Probably The Biggest Breakthrough Yet For Medicinal Cannabis In The UK.

Peter Reynolds, President, CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

UPDATE. Friday, 22nd September 2017.  The Royal College of General Practitioners Council today approved CLEAR’s proposal to publish guidelines on medicinal cannabis.

Professor Mike Barnes, Scientific & Medical Advisor, CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

As ever, the UK’s stubborn, anti-evidence government remains intransigent on permitting legal access to cannabis, even for medicinal use.  This despite an overwhelming tide of reform across the world and the reality that perhaps one million people in the UK are criminalised and persecuted for using a medicine that has been known to be safe and effective for many centuries, facts which modern science now proves beyond doubt.

However irresponsible and pig-headed government ministers may be, doctors have a responsibility to their patients, an ethical duty that transcends the grubby and corrupt politics that ministers subscribe to. Professor Nigel Mathers, Honorary Secretary of the RCGP with responsibility for its governance, has championed CLEAR’s proposal.  He recognises that while doctors cannot be advising their patients to use an illegal drug, the reality is many people already are.


Professor Nigel Mathers, Honorary Secretary, Royal College of GPs

So this is not just another report or a conference.  This is practical action at the point of delivery of healthcare.  If the proposal is approved by the RCGP Council, the guidelines will be drafted by Professor Mike Barnes, assisted by Peter Reynolds, with additional input from the MS Society and Newcastle University.

In due course, probably by the end of the year, a booklet will be available for download by all GPs from the RCGP website.  It will set out balanced and reasonable advice on the appropriate use of cannabis for specific medical indications. The guidelines will also cover harm reduction advice and provide a basic grounding in the scientific evidence and the endocannabinoid system.

If our government refuses to take such sensible steps to improve healthcare and protect patients, then we, campaigners and medical professionals, must do it for them.


  • Patrick Panter

    Very well done on these efforts! Good luck for tomorrow. I eagerly wait to hear more, please keep us in the loop!

  • Darren Muirhead

    My name is Darren Muirhead I am a veteran of HM force’s and suffer brain damage and it’s the emotional and rational parts that are now scar tissue. On my return to the UK I was given medication from the NHS for PTSD anti depressants and medication to stop fits occuring,I was rushed to a&e for trying to take my own life. Was on the way down and losing my sanity for months aswell as being manipulated by”loved ones” and had no reason That was until the words Darren I am pregnant passed my ears. I then started to self medicate and protect my primary values by any means necessary. The treatment that cannabis has been and the repairs it has given me has let me continue to live . The aid it has been is miraculous,was told I would never walk or talk properly after the injuries received. Can I please ask you to look at the timeline I have lived . The reason I am seeking help is that I was in my car (personal space) when the police came and searched me and found my medication and sized it then took me to the police station to give me a warning. It was a horrible situation I felt like a criminal to which I am not. Is there any way I could get help in treatment for the issues that I face on a day to day basis.I genuinely believe religiously god gave us that plant to treat us ,same as fruit and vegetables

    • Jake Speed

      Darren, I also have PTSD and and use Cannabis to help me, but next month will be on a journey that is said to put PTSD on its ass, and has a track record as does Cannabis on reset.me – Ayahuasca I would post the link but do not want to hijack the work of Mr Reynolds and Clear. if they allow it i will. Please look into it.

      • Darren Muirhead

        Grateful for suggestions bro?

        • Jake Speed

          Ayahuasca = Problem solved Brother! Problem SOLVED!

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