28 Oct Professor Mike Barnes On The Urgent Need For Medical Education In Cannabis.

See ‘Cannabis Advocates Really Need To Stop Accusing Doctors of Being Bribed By Pharmaceutical Companies.’

The urgent need now is physician education. Doctors just don’t know about the endocannabinoid system. They have never been taught it and thus don’t understand it and certainly don’t appreciate the benefit of medicinal cannabis. Only education will slowly change entrenched positions.

The launch of the Academy of Medical Cannabis next week will go some way to help – see the website. I hope that the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, also launched next week, will enable like-minded doctors to ‘spread the word’ and provide patients with a contact to a trained and knowledgeable clinician to prescribe for them.

Professor Mike Barnes is a consultant neurologist and has been a member of the CLEAR Advisory Board since July 2016.

  • Wendy Goodwin

    For a long,long times since I heard about the Endocannabinoid System(ECS) I have “Ranted” on about it being taught in all education establishments from Schools to Medical Schools alongside all the other body systems but who is there to teach the teachers? Most cannabis users know about it because they read and use the Webb for research but “Joe Bloggs” needs to know aswell so that they can make informed choices about their future medical care. Hopefully the stigma will go from cannabis and real knowledge and understanding of how it can help deficicient ECS ‘s to help the body heal itself. Let us wait and see if after November 1st 2018 a lot more children AND adults will get the medicine that could help change their lives. Researchers keep up good work we need you more than ever. It has happened a year earlier than I thought, following GWP’S information when it would be able to sell Epidiolwx in US in 2018 and U.K. 2019, how did they know that? I imagine the Recreational (whatever that is) will be legalised earlier aswell as THEY work out how to tax the £93 billion grown in U.K. that will be needed to pay the Divorce bill!

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  • Wendy Goodwin

    Well Nov 1st 2018 came but still no real change. Sajid Javid has not keep his promise.poorly children are still not getting their prescribed medicines as refused funding by Health trusts.

    I spoke to GW just the other day about their Epidiolex being an isolate but they were very cagey. When asked why they needed a license as it CBDs are legal in UK the scientist pointed out it was a medicine but although they do have one for US still waiting for European one later this year. When asked about the Drs prescribing he said that GPs will never prescribe, it will be Specialistsl. The idea that “The new Law will not limit the types of conditions that can be considered for treatment” is a complete joke.

    Lock MPs, NICE,CCGs,NHS,in a room to watch “Interview with Professor Raphael Mechoulan, Ethan Russo, Mike Barnes and finish with the Charlotte Figi Story. Just to give an introduction to the ECS and cannabis so they don’t sound so uneducated when talking about it. Listening to response of Drugs Minister to Question in house of Commons it was obvious he didn’t have a clue about cannabis, it was embarrassing to watch.
    The Idea that NICE have until October to check their Guide lines I would consider changing the panel as I doubt that they have even looked at The Academy of Medicinal Cannabis (taomc.org) retraining programme for U.K. doctors set up by their advisor Professor Mike Barnes. I now know why they said, “NO”, twice to funding Epidiolex as they did to Savitex. Just because Mike Barnes had the innovation to set up his own company and get help of large cannabis pharma company to get the correct medicine for one boy in U.K. which has proved to be just right for him to control his seizures which helped lead to the legalization of Medicinal cannabis in U.K.

    Yes, he sold out and any money he made, I think is justified by the vast amount of work he has put in that is beneficial to the whole country. I would like to think that the new company Theros Pharma Ltd will achieve their two goals of getting licenses to grow cannabis in UK and to import cannabis to the UK will succeed BUT the dominance of GW will be hard to break. I think in 1989 when GW set up with help from Home Office and drugs agency was the Government “contracting” out the work so really GW is ours! GW have done lots of research with the help of scientists like Ethan Russo but need to rethink their costings. $32000/year for Epidiolex for CBD that can be purchased on line for £5000 needs some looking at.
    I declare I do have £2000 of GW shares which I thought may eke out my meager teacher’s pension, how many MP’s will declare their interests? More research needed into NICE just as I am doing with my local CCG.
    Let’s throw off the stigma of cannabis and recognize that alcohol has more problems than cannabis and cannabis could help deficient Endocannabinoid Systems in ways we never dreamed of.
    Personal note, Well Rich you are no longer with us but your advice to Richard about getting Seb on the oil after nearly two years hopefully will come true and his dad knows that it is his only real chance and wants to follow your advice. I will keep on trying in your memory. I am sure he was full,of memories when he slept in your room the other night!