07 Oct Professor Wayne Hall, Campaigner Against Cannabis

Professor Wayne Hall

Professor Wayne Hall

Professor Wayne Hall is closely associated with the Australian National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC). His business is the promotion of anti-cannabis propaganda dressed up as legitimate scientific research.

In April of this year he published a paper in the BMJ deriding the fast developing field of cannabinoid medicine without disclosing his relationship with NCIPC, just as he has failed to do with this latest paper.

See the Henningfield and Benowitz ratings of addictiveness, both of which show cannabis as less addictive than nicotine, heroin, cocaine, alcohol and caffeine:http://www.tfy.drugsense.org/tfy/addictvn.htm

No one except the Daily Mail and other publishers of propaganda claims that cannabis is harmless, certainly not for children. You’d think, in order to protect young people, any responsible government would by now have taken control of the market and regulated it rather than abandoning it to criminals.

Smoking cigarettes is far, far more strongly correlated with mental illness than is smoking cannabis.