08 Aug Prosecuted For One-Tenth Of A Gram Of Cannabis. Is This How You Want Your Taxes Spent?

An Extract From Sam Merriman’s Summons

We all know that possession of cannabis is a criminal offence. As more and more opinion polls are showing, most people in Britain don’t agree with that anymore. Most people also know that the £500 million we spend every year on enforcing the cannabis laws is a waste of money.

Sam Merriman

This is how it happens. CLEAR member Sam Merriman has been charged with possession of 0.1 gram of cannabis.

This is a disgusting, irresponsible and shameful waste of our money by people who are supposed to be acting on our behalf. Whoever in the Derbyshire police, CPS and court system is responsible for this should lose their job. Never has there been a more clear cut example of a waste of public money.

Most British people now realise that they have been fed a pack of lies about cannabis by a government that is in hock to the alcohol industry and that has granted an unlawful monopoly of medicinal cannabis to GW Pharmaceuticals. We have been misled, cheated and deceived at our own expense. What on earth was anyone thinking to bring charges over such a tiny amount of cannabis, even while the law remains as it is?

This is stupidity on a grand scale.