25 Jan Putting Peter Hitchens And Kathy Gyngell Straight About Cannabis

Kathy Gyngell is an ex-producer of downmarket daytime TV. Now there’s nothing the matter with that at all. I’ve produced some tacky video programmes myself that are best forgotten.

What I do find a problem is that she now holds herself out as a “research fellow” at the pretentiously titled Centre for Policy Studies. It’s often described as a right wing think tank but draw your own conclusions about it. Any organisation that provides space for Ms Gyngell’s bigotry and falsehood dressed up in such disguise cannot be regarded as reputable.

Unsurprisingly she delivered a shockingly prejudiced , inaccurate attack on the Sentencing Council’s drug offence guidelines in the Daily Mail. See here. Then, who should pop up in rather paranoid panic but my friend Peter Hitchens.

“Once again there are clear signs of organised abuse here. Who are these people? What are their motives? What is their interest in weakening the laws against drugs?”

– Peter Hitchens, London, England

I had to put Peter out of his misery and say how, for him, the news is truly dreadful:

“Peter Hitchens,

You are right. It is happening. From 27th February, if you are growing fewer than nine plants, particularly if you can demonstrate a medicinal use, then you are looking at a discharge, low level fine or, at worst, a low level community order.

The CPS will not be interested. Therefore the police will not be interested.

Effectively, this is decriminalisation of small time, own use only, cultivation of cannabis. It is wonderful news!

You can be sure that CLEAR will be doing all it can to inform people and spread this wonderful news far and wide.

Aside from the restoration of liberty, disgracefully proscribed for 80 years, now those who need cannabis as medicine, whose lives are transformed by its pallliative and restorative therapy, will have access to their medicine without fear of jail.

These are wonderful developments, long overdue on grounds of justice, mercy and human rights.

The truth about cannabis is CLEAR!”

Peter Reynolds, Weymouth, UK

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