27 Mar “Quietly, Cannabis Has In Effect Been Decriminalised In Britain”

Is that headline familiar?

You may remember that CLEAR published something very similar two months ago: Effectively, Growing Your Own Has Been Decriminalised.

We were attacked, ridiculed, abused and insulted. The crazy stoner fraternity threw all its toys out of its prams and played the poor downtrodden victim game as it does so well. Release, formerly every cannabis users favourite source of legal advice, came out with a timid and equivocal response and reassured those of the treat “cannabis like carrots” mindset that they could indeed continue to regard themselves as victims.

So who is it that seems to agree with our assessment? It’s The Economist, a publication with a long and honourable record of intelligent analysis and enlightened views on drugs policy.

Read the article here: Quietly, Cannabis Has In Effect Been Decriminalised In Britain and remember, you heard it here first!