08 Nov Radio 5 live 8th November 2011

Peter Reynolds interviewed along with Mark Davis of RETHINK mental health on 8th November 2011 regarding young people’s attitude to cannabis

Peter reynolds 5live-8-11-11 by NR23Derek

A reasonable interview, where the concerns expressed by RETHINK were given a fair hearing, along with Peter’s views. However, later (just before 9.00am) the same programme broadcast this contribution from Terry Hammond. Terry is the father of a young man who developed sever mental illness, who was also a cannabis user. Terry is a well known campaigner for the idea that cannabis causes mental illness and his case has underpinned the prohibition case against cannabis

Terry-hammond-5live-8-11-11 by NR23Derek
Terry claims cannabis causes brain damage, his views were aired at a time when far more people would have been listening than was the discussion involving Peter Reynolds. His claims were not challenged. Cannabis, it must be said, does not cause brain damage.

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