15 May A Real Cannabis Crime.

wide shot PJR holding rootball

Out walking my dogs this week I had spotted a black plastic bag dumped by the side of the road  that runs along the crest above my house.  My suspicions were confirmed today when I took a closer look.  It contained two or three rootballs and over the fence, what I hadn’t noticed before, were another six or seven bags.  It was the remnants of someone’s cannabis grow and it had been left in a remote spot, four or five miles from the closest village, 10 miles from the closest town.

flytipped cannabis farmWhen I was at school, my mates and I all used to ridicule our headmaster who would walk around the grounds picking up litter.  Now I’ve grown into the same person and nothing makes me as angry as the vandals who dump rubbish in the countryside.  Particularly where I live, in the most glorious, deepest rural Dorset, the only thing that brings people here is the beauty of the surroundings, so I simply cannot understand why anyone would come here for the views and then mess them up!

end result fly tippingOur cannabis farmer came here, of course, precisely because it’s so remote. If it wasn’t for our ludicrous laws prohibiting the cultivation of plants, he (or she) would have no fear of disposing of his waste more sensibly.  But I cannot forgive this fly tipping which is a real cannabis crime, so unnecessary and irresponsible.

After a perilous climb over the vicious barbed wire fence, it took me about five minutes to empty the bags out and kick about 20 rootballs into the edge of the field where the barley is now reaching about a foot tall. Nature will take its course now and the rootballs will break down into the soil.  I took the black plastic bags home and disposed of them properly.

It was easy to see that these had been strong vigorous plants, packed with dense root structure and solid, thick stems where they had been chopped off.  Grown under lights I expect this grow had easily produced a kilo, enough to keep me going for a couple of years if stored in batches in the freezer or £5,000 – £10,000 worth if it was a commercial venture.

It’s the same for the idiots who cause fires through dangerous electrical installations but of course, again, if it wasn’t for our ridiculous laws prohibiting a plant, it wouldn’t necessary to hide a grow in the loft, people wouldn’t be tempted to steal electricity.

There’s no excuse though.  These are real cannabis crimes, caused by prohibition but nevertheless the responsibility lies with the idiots that grow cannabis and then dump their rubbish or endanger their neighbours.