17 Dec Review. CBD Leafline Cellulite Toning Body Lotion. Bnatural CBD Face Oil

Six months ago, or thereabouts, I was completely shocked to find a complete stranger had infiltrated my changing room at TK Max and not only that, this person, like me, was butt-naked from the waist down. Their ass was all saggy with cottage-cheese dimples. The horror! Then I realised it wasn’t a stranger. It was me, from an angle I had not seen in a long time, and to be honest, I wish it had been an intruder. Then I wouldn’t have been faced with the sweat-inducing reality that my bottom had succumbed to a serious bout of cellulite. I dressed quickly and got out of there as fast as I could, resolving to tackle the issue as a matter of urgency.

First step, water. They say you need to drink a lot of it to flush out toxins. I could do that, so I filled a jug to the brim with fresh water and left it on the kitchen table along with a cup so any time I passed, I downed a swig. After a few hours, the jug was empty and I’d refill and this has been going on for weeks. I am peeing a lot more, but generally, I feel better and my skin has begun to glow.

But drinking water is the easy part. If you want to get rid of cellulite, you have to work that butt and those thighs. So I bought an implement in Aldi. You put it between your thighs and squeeze with your knees. You can do this sitting down watching a film, or flat out on your back listening to music. Twice a day for a week should see definite tone and strength returning to your muscles which again, will work to dissipate those bulging fat cells that manifest as cellulite.

Another exercise I find helpful is holding on to the sink, bending forward at the waist and slowly raising each leg behind me, keeping my knees as straight as possible, like a ballet dancer warming up at the barre. I’m no ballet dancer by the way, and my leg doesn’t lift that far, but I really feel the burn on the back of my upper thighs and buttocks with this one.

And then there are the creams and potions, all claiming to reduce cellulite, all wanting to be your new best friend. It’s tempting to believe the hype, but should you? I was given a 100ml, pump-action bottle of CBD Leafline Triple Fruit Extract Cellulite Toning Body Lotion to try. It claims to ‘reduce the appearance of cellulite through natural fruit extracts such as melon, strawberry and papaya which tone,tighten and exfoliate the skin. The four citrus essential oils cleanse, purify, nourish and protect’. So, I dutifully set about applying it to my problem regions once a day. I’ve been at it now for 4 weeks.

The texture is rich, which sometimes doesn’t absorb thoroughly into my skin, especially after a shower so I add a drop or two of Bnatural CBD Face Oil and mix in the palm of my hand. The oilier texture works much better for me and it sinks in beautifully. The smell is delightfully light and lemmon-fresh and the packaging is attractive with a clean white and chrome pallet. It certainly looks like a premium product on the bathroom shelf. But, does it work?

Well, without doubt, I’ve seen a huge improvement in the texture of my skin. My buttocks resemble the more familiar peaches of my youth now, not those of a hermit who’s let themselves go. I massage the cream in with purpose, not just a casual lick. Combined with the water-drinking, the toning exercises and the massage therapy, this cream seems to be doing a good job. As a helpful first step on a cellulite-busting journey, I would recommend you buy the cream and add it to your toning regime. If you stick with it, you will absolutely see positive results.