02 Apr REVIEW. Puri5 Magnum 2 Vapouriser



Vicky Hodgson is a member of the CLEAR Executive Committee and uses medicinal cannabis for COPD and cluster headaches

Vapes and I don’t have a happy history, so when I was asked to try the Puri5 Magnum 2 and write a review, I had serious doubts about being the right person for the job. Vapes just don’t seem to work for me the way they do for others and I always put it down to my 100 year old lungs courtesy of over 50 years of addiction to the evil weed (tobacco). I am always positive though, so was hoping for good results.

First impressions do count and mine of this vape on taking it out of its neat little box were perhaps a little unexpected from a 63 year old granny. It’s a really cool piece of engineering and design!  It sits in my hand nicely, feels very sturdy and has enough weight to make it safe, I have a tendency to forget I am holding things when they are very light.

Filling it is easy and didn’t require huge amounts of my precious medicine so, ever hopeful, I switched it on to find that is easy too, three clicks of the button and you get a very reassuring buzz (no pun intended).  It is simple to select Centigrade or Fahrenheit and then a temperature and make it remember it.  I haven’t timed how long it takes to reach the ‘set temp’ but it’s fast and you get another buzz to let you know it’s ready to do its job.

I took my first lungful and it not only worked for me it was super easy, two more and my breathing improved and the muscle spasm in my neck was gone. I had hoped for a good result but this was better than I expected.

As with all vapes you can play with things to suit you….you have a choice of one, two or three air holes, two works best for me with a temp of 200C. The air holes and charging connection are both neatly placed within a revolving-wheel type thing which is great because it means that during use the charging connection is covered and protected, mini USB charging connections can be very delicate.

You get all the normal spares and cleaning brush etc. and a spare mouthpiece. The brush and proddy tool are far better quality than I have seen before.

I have to be honest, it does have a tiny, insignificant design fault caused by the battery holder being a fraction too big but it’s a tiny hiccup, easily solved with a bit of foil and for me not an issue as it actually works.

I have tried vapes that cost twice as much that just weren’t right for me, this one is as easy as breathing. I would recommend it to anyone but especially to those who have a lung condition and find it hard to use some other vapes.

Since using the Magnum 2 my evil weed consumption has halved and soon I hope will be a thing of the past.

So, I am rather in love with my Magnum 2. I find myself picking it up as it feels so balanced in my hand. It is a thing of beauty that works and to me that makes it the Lamborghini of vapes.