20 Feb Running For Cannabis Oil. A Race Against Cancer

Anna Bragga press ups

Anna Bragga, a fitness enthusiast from Bedfordshire, is raising funds to help increase awareness and promote research into the cancer-killing properties of cannabis oil.

Anna has entered the Sandy 10, a 10 mile race in Sandy, Bedfordshire on 7th April 2013. Competitors are encouraged to attract sponsorship for the charity of their choice and Anna is keen to draw attention to the remarkable results being obtained from the use of cannabis oil, even though it is presently banned in the UK.

“It seems madness to raise cash to spend on developing new anti-cancer drugs when there is a very safe alternative that seems to be achieving extraordinary results all across the world. There is a lot of scientific evidence and a vast amount of personal stories that convince me we should be looking very seriously at this medicine. There should be nothing stopping doctors from prescribing it to their patients. So many lives could be saved and so much pain and suffering alleviated.”

Cannabis oil is already available in Britain as a medicine for MS called Sativex. It is produced by GW Pharmaceuticals who are believed to be in setting up clinical trials in Spain to investigate its potential as a cancer therapy. Cannabis oil may work against cancer and other diseases by supplementing the body’s endocannabinoid system which is fundamental to many physiological processes. Science proves beyond doubt that cannabinoids have cancer-killing properties. Perhaps most important is that cannabis oil is very, very safe and unlike most other cancer treatments has no serious side effects and causes no long term damage.

“This year, I wanted to enter a race to provide a new challenge and raise money for a good cause. When I heard that the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) is putting cannabis oil on its cancer protocol – a prioritised list of top five anti-cancer medicines available without prescription, I knew I had found my cause.”

Anna is now looking for a charity to receive the money she raises. She can be contacted on abragga@hotmail.com

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