06 Jan Sanj Chowdhary Suspended From CLEAR Executive Committee

It is with great sadness that we announce the suspension of Sanj Chowdhary from the executive committee. This was as a result of an urgent motion proposed by Mark Palmer, seconded by Des Humphrey and carried by a majority decision of the executive – a unanimous vote of those available online.

Sanj has lost the trust of the committee. He had taken it upon himself to canvass the membership via Facebook without consulting the committee first. After lengthy discussions on Wednesday night Sanj agreed a cooling off period to allow us to sort things out. However the next day he broke this agreement. Some very hurtful things have been posted to Facebook over the past couple of days relating to the leader of CLEAR, Peter Reynolds

Peter continues to have the full support of the committee and the vast majority of members. No one else is doing more for the interests of cannabis users in Britain, particularly those who need it as medicine, a position Sanj had previously agreed with.

Sanj’s suspension will be discussed at the next executive committee meeting when it may be confirmed or rescinded but at this time he remains suspended from the CLEAR executive committee.

Peter Reynolds said:

“It is true that I have been under a lot of personal pressure in recent weeks due in no small part to an organised campaign on Facebook. I apologise if anyone has been offended by comments I have made, either publicly or in private communications but it is important to remember that CLEAR is a serious law reform campaign, it is not a cannabis users social club. There are many thousands of ill people who’s lives would be improved if they had access to medicinal cannabis who are alienated by the outdated sterotypical image of the recreational cannabis user. Medicinal cannabis users are our highest priority, although we also call for a properly regulated commercial trade for recreational users which would provide a product of consistent quality whilst offering protection for vulnerable people”.

The CLEAR executive committee

Chris Bovey
Greg de Hoedt
Des Humphrey
Mark Palmer
Peter Reynolds
Jan Wells
Derek Williams