01 Apr Sativex Re-Scheduling Demands Judicial Review


Dishonesty is at the root of the legislative changes about to come into force concerning Sativex, the cannabis medicine produced under an unlawful licence and gifted as an unlawful monopoly, enforced with violence by armed police, to a privately owned company.

This is government corruption by statute at such a level that it should fascinate the finest legal minds in Britain. The trickery that the Home Office has devised falsely to distinguish a proprietary cannabis extract from cannabis itself is worthy of the most devious fraudsters the world has ever seen. Justice demands that an advocate steps forward who can demolish this Tower of Babel and cast out the money changers and thieves.

sativex in handI have been writing about Sativex for around three years, since it was first approved in the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). While I am the first to congratulate GW Pharmaceuticals on bringing the benefits of medicinal cannabis to market, I realised that it was scam from the beginning. To be fair, it was a scam on the paranoid, cowardly politicians and regulators to begin with but it’s now become a scandal which shames everyone involved because it is actively causing harm and suffering to the millions who could benefit from the therapeutic qualities of cannabis, whether as an extract like Sativex or as what GW calls a ‘botanical drug substance’ – in other words, raw herbal cannabis.

Now though it has become a fraud and the two statutory instruments made on 13th March 2013 prove this conclusively. Those concerned in the conspiracy to commit this fraud are the Privy Council, the Home Secretary, the Home Office, the Department of Health, the MHRA, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) and GW Pharmaceuticals. Perhaps most disturbing of all is the failure, in our so-called democracy, for the Home Affairs select committee to hold the executive to account. I blame Keith Vaz, its chair, for this. He has been made fully aware of what is going on. His management of last year’s drugs inquiry was an object lesson in spin, deception and cover up. He deliberately ignored and evaded the views and concerns expressed in the public consultation. Instead he grandstanded with celebrities and had no concern at all for the 95% of drug users who are non-problematic and whose lives and liberty are abused by the great, immoral evil that is prohibition.

So, I feel vindicated in the allegations I have made although it gives me no satisfaction. There is no doubt now that the licence issued to GW Pharma to produce cannabis was unlawful and has been since at least 2003 when it entered into its first pharmaceutical licence agreement with Bayer Healthcare AG. The Home Secretary was only ever empowered to grant such licences for “special purposes such as research”. Clearly, since 2003, GW has been engaged in commercial exploitation of cannabis and that directly contravenes the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (MoDA). The Misuse of Drugs (Designation) (Amendment No. 2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Order 2013 corrects this but only for Sativex.

I explained the proposed re-scheduling in my articles Home Office Deception On Medicinal Cannabis and The Sativex Scandal Deepens. Corruption And Dishonesty At The Home Office back in mid-February. It is absurd, dishonest and straight out of a script for ‘Yes Minister’. The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment No. 2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2013 is the change in scheduling.

Sativex IS cannabis. It is pharmacologically (if not chemically) identical to the plants from which it is made.

Dr Geoffrey Guy Dr Geoffrey Guy

Dr Geoffrey Guy, chairman of GW Pharma, boasts “We have the first approval of a plant extract drug in modern history. It has 420 molecules, whereas every other drug has just one.”

The MHRA has ducked and dived, side-stepped and swerved to avoid telling the truth. I give due credit here to Laurel Bush and Chris Stevens, CLEAR members, who have backed this dishonest, taxpayer-funded agency into a corner with relentless FOI requests. The truth is out and it has backed down completely.

Sativex IS cannabis.

The connivance falsely to distinguish it is ridiculous, corrupt and dishonest. Every other drug is defined in the regulations by a single word. Sativex takes about 75. No other drug specifies its method of delivery. No other drug is defined by its MHRA approval.

So I call on the noblest traditions of British advocacy to fight for truth and justice. More than that, I shall be doing my utmost to hawk this story and this cause around the Inns of Court. Someone can make a name for themselves by bringing down this ugly perversion of truth.

The last word though must go to those in pain and suffering from MS, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, cancer, numerous chronic pain conditions, epilepsy, glaucoma, and many other conditions. They are denied access to the medicine that they need for the purpose of political expediency and GW Pharma’s profits. If David Cameron wasn’t in abject fear of the Fleet Street mafia and bullied by the alcohol lobby, this stupid, cruel, disgusting policy could change.

The government’s own information bulletin confirms the facts.