16 Nov Sauce for the goose… ?

An interesting news story today regarding the evil weed – tobacco. The latest stage in what may yet turn out to be the eventual prohibition of tobacco is the proposal by the British Medical Association (BMA) to ban smoking in cars.

Now there has been the idea mooted for a while of banning smoking in cars when children are present and there is a good child protection case to be made for doing that, but this is a proposal for an across the board ban even when the smoker is the only person in the car.

What makes thnigs really interesting is the Deptartment of Health comment as printed in the Guardian (and thanks got to Jake Ish for spotting this gem):

“The government is unlikely to do what the BMA recommends, though. “We do not believe that legislation is the most effective way to encourage people to change their behaviour,” a Department of Health spokesman said.”

Yet, of course, they do believe legislation in the form of the prohibition of cannabis is an effective way of persuading people not to use it, in other words of encouraging people to change their behaviour. Consistency on matters like this was never one of the major failings of this or any government of course, but just to ask the blindingly obvious question:

If laws aren’t effective in encouraging people not to use tobacco, why are they effective in encouraging people not to use cannabis?

Answers on a postcard please.

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